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Great news!

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Had my first mammogram today-Happy news-was normal

hopeful girl 1
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Hi there.

My last chemo was in November.

I never had a mammogram, and I was having alittle bit of discomfort, so my oncologist ordered one which I had today. Because of the discomfort they read the results early (today) and I am so thrilled and happy to say it was normal.

I never wound up having one before the surgery and so in the back of my mind I always had a fear-what if there was something going on there too?

So this was happy happy news today!

Tomorrow I have my thyroid nodule biopsy-for the incidental nodules that showed up on a ct in the summer. My thyroid doc feels pretty confident test will show up benign-the ultrasound did not show any oddities or calcifications-so we are hopeful will be benign.

I am nervous though-hope it is not too uncomfortable of a procedure as well.


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Hi Cindy,

That is such great news about the mammogram! The one thing I would suggest is a scan (MRI I think?) as well. We have a history of breast cancer in my family (grandmother died at 50) and my mum gets scans as well as mammograms because mammograms are not always 100% accurate. Good luck with your biopsy, I'm sure it won't be as bad as you are expecting!

Take care


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Good news, Cindy!

I am glad everything was good on your mammogram.

I hope all went well with your thyroid nodule biopsy.



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Thankfully you've got that out of the way and nothing showed up...yeah!! Can't ask for anything better can you Cindy?

I had my first mammogram (yearly) after my treatments and it showed something suspicious. Well it was on my right side and was thinking of the port...wonder if it showed up. Do remember the tech gal having issues covering it out of the xray, but she told me she has been doing this for 30 yrs. Went to hospital for the digital ones (originally went to mobile van) and it was correct..she had my port in xray...dah! Just another scare I had to endure.

Good luck today and plse come back and tell us how it went. I'll be saying a prayer for you.

Isn't it interesting how so many of our aches and pains aren't cancer, but we start thinking "it's back" and loose our cool...crazy!


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