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has anyone had three leakages in a day

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Today was the worst for leakages.

Wokeup and decided to give wife a snuggle.
First leakage on her too. Not a good way to start the day.
Need to clean sheets.
Ok cleanup and new bag.

Do breakfast for kids and lunch. Visit neighbours. All ok.

Slept all early afternoon.
Drive to hospital with kids to get bottle disconnected. Ok

Taking kids to swimming squad.

Just before I start my first laps.
At the pool, in my swimmers and rash shirt. Feel a bit wet.
Oh sugar, second leak. At least I was not in the pool.
Ok cleanup in public bathroom and get emergency bag kit from car while friends watch kids in pool.

Not to giveup I did 4 x 50 meter laps freestyle that felt amazing. The sun was shining. My kids were playing in the other lanes. It was so relaxing swimming. Newest Bag ok.

Kids and I go off to dinner with a diving friend to check his new underwater video HD video that he use when they goto the philipenes diving with whale sharks. Just after diner notice diarrhea starting. Went to supermarket for milk with kids on way home. Another leakage just while getting into the car.

Just get home. New pants, new bag.

Never had this problem before. Just the worst day for leakages. But still a great day.

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I've had two in one day before. Never went swimming with mine or even got it wet as the adhesive would start wearing down. You did have a leaky day. Maybe it could have been a bad batch of wafers. If you have more accidents you should call your supplier and get a refund or replacement. Good luck on the other ones. That is just not a fun thing to go through, been there done that :(


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A couple times it has happened. Three times a day. Its so annoying. especially 3-4in AM. I think its when my skin is irritaded or moist and it doesn't contact well. So now when I', placing my bag, I put my blowdryer on warm low, where it drys that area first. Not too close and I let it dry for at least 3 mins. before i place the bag. Also do you have an ileostomy and is it really liquidy? I have an ileostomy too, but when this happens I eat cheerios no milk. and it makes it bulky and leaks stop. Good luck, I hope this helps......Blessing from Lourdes.

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glad I am not alone on this.

am trying to fight the diarrhea!!

The hair dryer is a good idea, I do try drying the skin with paper towel, but its
probably not to effective.

thanks for the suggestions,

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Have you tried Karaya Powder? It is particularly good for skin which has become irritated due to diarrhea, but I use it every change. If the skin is a bit damp either from irritation or from cleaning it gets a little pasty which is good.

I get it the same place as ostomy supplies.

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Kerry S
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I was taught that if you use Dove soap and still rinse well, then the hair dryer. The damn bags still stick better. The big thing is Dove soap is not an anti bacteria soap. This is what my stoma nurse told me, and it did work better. I still changed mine every 4 to 5 days. In my 101 days with the bag I had 7 messes. 5 in the damn bed.

Time flies by when you are having fun, I have been bag less for 49 days now. I have learned that for me raw inions will cause crap storms. THe scary old woman said "damn, just when we got good with the bag you got rid of it."

Kerry (old guy that did not like the bag)

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Three blowouts, you pooed on you wife, had to change in public bathroom ect. and yet you end the post with "... still a great day." Nothing gets you down and I love that about you!!

Could just be a random bad day. I know my wafers stick better if I lay still in bed for 10 or so minutes. If you get the hair dryer out, you can also warm the wafer a bit with it. That my depend on what kind of wafer you use.

Back in the Fall I developed chemo induced skin allergies/rashes. My ostomy nurse did some shotgun tests by taping little snippets of different ostomy products to my leg - wafer, wipe, prep etc. We used the results to to chose the next products. It was pretty bad there for a while. About half of the skin under the wafer was irritated and oozy. I usually don't use any products like powder, paste or skin prep wipes, but I had to for a while. All's better now. I don't think this is what you are talking about, but I thought I'd mention my experience so you can be on the lookout just in case.

take care,

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Hi Roger

same products as always. same wafer.
just think it was the combo of diarrhea and swimming.

I am just so glad it did not happen in the local pool.

called stoma nurse this morning, who is excellent. she confirmed my bags should be fine for swimming.
her suggestion was to use the semi circular reinforcing tape
that makes everything more secure as standard practice.

today i wokeup dehydrated, despite drinking.
had a few too many full bags all yesterday even between the spills.
was a bit worried and remembered my onc's warning so I visited the chemo clinic
and had a drip put in for a couple of hours and I felt alot better. My kids were with me and they were great.

Had a good sleep while being rehydrated.


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Simple things we do can often lead to an unexpected problem.

I rarely if ever, have a problem with the wafer/appliance staying on,
but I had a bad time one day, with the thing coming loose after
a half hour or so. I'd put a new one on, and the same thing would
happen again.

I stood there in the bathroom, wondering if I got some bad supplies,
since I didn't do anything different than I had been doing for years....

It dawned on me, that yes.... I did do something different. I usually
use plain paper towels to dry the peristomal area, and since there
wasn't any in the bathroom that day, I used toilet paper to dry, instead.

Well, my wife buys that "skin soft" type of toilet paper. Any product
that makes your skin feel soft, leaves a residue on the skin! That's how
the skin manages to "feel soft".

That damned residue was what caused the wafer's adhesive to fail.

The manufacturers design their product to stick to dry, clean skin.
Anything less than that simply won't do! Sure, there's a lot of ostomates
that will claim that they use the products without a problem, but they
always seem to add that they change the appliance every two-three days;
my wafer stays on two-three weeks. But.. the skin has got to be clean
and dry. Drying the skin with the wrong thing, can cause the product to fail.

Maybe that was your problem, maybe not...?

I don't use tape on the wafer. I get rashes from tape, although you
may fare better. But using tape will only help hold the outside edge
stay down, while the inside can erode. Usually, when the outside edge
begins to loosen from the skin, it's a good sign that the inside edge
(where you can't see it), is coming loose as well. Once that happens,
you suffer skin damage, along with the chance of the appliance
falling off at an unexpected time.

Fodder for thought, ehh?

Stay well; don't poop in thy pants.


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I remember those days well. I think I may have even changed it more than that some days.... Hated waking up in the middle of the night lying in poop. My husband is very funny and tried to make light of the situation the first time it happened, by calling out to the kids and saying.. "kids mom pooped in the bed" it really made me laugh. I always had to carry extra set of clothes and supplies with me... Hope you have a better day today with less leaks... Petrina

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I did fine with my first supply of bags until I got down to the last 2. The second of the last one didn't fit the wafer and then the dog jumped up on me and her toenail cut the last bag. So there I was with no Bags!!!! YICKS. I took that last one with the tear and repaired it with YES, duct tape!!! It actually lasted until the next day with my new supply arrived but I did not leave the house. Needless to say I never planned my supplies that late again. As a matter of fact, even though I had my colostomy taken down 5 years ago I still have a few bags in my bathroom.

Lisa P.

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for the suggestions and comments.
I'll get more dove soap, extra bags, and the right toilet paper.
in my slightly disorganised life its fun to have a little stoma justing waiting to
catch me out.
i really appreciate the comments and suggestions.

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"I'll get more dove soap, extra bags, and the right toilet paper."

Better off with -no soap- and -paper towels-.

Just sayin'...


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causing wafer to come loose due to excessive sweat? That was my problem several times this past summer.No such difficulty in cold weather.......By the way, do you use a stoma cap while swimming or your puoch, as on dry land?.......steve

pete43lost_at_sea's picture
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hi steve,
its a lovelly hot and hummid summer downunder.
the dampness and the glue i think is a factor.
especially the leak after the swim, i really need to bring a hair dryer to the pool.

heard of stoma cap not using it, not sure if you can use them with ileostomy.
just using the bag recommended since op, as its apparently the best one my stoma and size according to my stoma nurse.

i'll do more research, i suspect i have got to do a new bag after each swimming session to be safe.
slightly concerned about stoma and chlorine exposure if we get any water in, ie a leak the other way. which happens if the vent is not covered properly.

i think i just wanted to winge about this and get some sympathy and maybe make a few smiles.

even tonight the kids laughed about this with me, and as i went to sleep with a 5 year old son on one arm and the the nine year old daughter on the other they snuggled close fully aware of the dangers of hugging dad with the bag. my the wife was out working so the kids mostly hop into our bed. my kids are the best therapists, they would not stop talking, its the best therapy for me and them i think.


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colon no more
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I had one in the doctors office. and had to wear scrubs home. I usually bring an extra set of clothes, but had been having good luck with no leaks, so I didn't bring any that day. some times I think it's just a bad box of wafers, cause it seems like when you get one leak you get a couple more in a row. had 2 more that same day, but was at home.

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