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Great news!

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Good News ... I'm back ...UPDATE

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Hi Family!

I am so sorry for the long absence and for all that I have missed. Hello and welcome to any of the newest members that have arrived since I've be off the boards. Marie (who loves kitties) sent me a wonderful PM updating me on many and I will attempt to respond if my fingers (damn chemo!) can hold up today.

My son was released from the hospital last night and by the power of all the positive thoughts and prayers from my semicolon family we have been fortunate to have a small miracle that we are hoping will grow into a larger one. Thank you all so much.

Anthony had his chest tubes removed one at a time over a 4 day period. His lung has not reinflated more than 30% but, because there was nothing else left for the doctors to do in the hospital but have him lay in bed on oxygen, he was released to go home. I am so happy to have him home and across the hall where I can see him, cook his favorite foods, feed him breakfast in bed and check on him regularly. He will go in for xrays on Monday and we are hoping for more inflation of the lung.

Woo Hoo! I had round #6 which is the half-way mark for FOLFOX!!! I'm still having fun with my FOLFOX side effects but, round 6 was nothing like round 5 ... thank goodness! So, I am recuperating and feeling a bit better. I will try to catch up on the boards some and hope everyone is doing the best they can with all that is going on.

Again thanks everyone (and my CSN buddies especially) .... Feel the love!!! HUGS

UPDATE: Mondays xrays showed an increase in the fluid around the lungs and a decrease in the lung inflation. Seems we are going backwards. We are scheduled for another xray today to give the doctors an idea of how fast the situation is progressing. If things continue to go backwards we can expect to end up back in the hospital to place tubes in his chest again. UGH Another day of running back to the hospital. At least it is not chemo week. I'm getting more rest with him being home so that is a good thing. Thanks for all your support. I tried replying to some posts yesterday but it seemed the server was real busy and my replies didn't post as it took so long for the server to respond. I will try again this morning. HUGS to all

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Lori, that is so great to hear, I am so glad to hear that he is back home, that in itself is a Godsend for you and him. You have to as well make sure that you take care of yourself so that you don't run yourself down. Its great to have you back and tell son that we are so happy to see the both of you reunited at home. and hospital food doesn't bode well after a week or two of it, or after a night of it...LOL....anywho, welcome home, to both...Love to you both, Clift

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We miss you a lot here! Welcome back and I'm really happy with your ,finally, good news.I will prey for a fast recovery of your son!
I'm glad to see you feel much better in this round as well !
Love and health!

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It is great to see you back here. It is wonderful that your son is back home. I know I feel better when I get home after being in hospital. I want to wish your son a speedy recovery; I am glad he is already on his way.

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Soooooooooooooo happy your son got that small miracle and I know many more will follow. It is fantastic to have you back on the boards cause I have been missin your arse!!!! Love to you my friend...take care


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and I'm so glad your son is improving.


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I am so happy that Anthony is home. It must be fantastic to be able to just walk into his room and care for him. I am keeping you in my prayers. You are amazing. I wish you did not have to show all your strength but life is demanding it right now. I pray you have a chance to rest soon.


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I'm so happy you are having an easier chemo this time, and soooo happy your son is home with you!! I will keep on sending you good thoughts, prayers, wishes, vibes and be hoping for the best for you and your son.

Here's to good things coming your way, one of your many buddies and friends, Gail

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Thank God for small miracles, I'm very happy to hear things are goin better for your son and you. Catch up on your rest when you can, you need to stay strong for you too!


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tina dasilva
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Oh dear lori I'm so happy to hear about your son .also very happy to hear your feeling better with the chemo. Oh ya I forgot welcome back hugs Tina

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Joined: Apr 2007

WOw... good news all round for you! I'm so glad Round 6 went better than Round 5! And I'm sure having your son home makes all the difference in the world because now you can see for yourself that he is improving.

It's gonna be a good week for you, Lori!! :)


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Welcome back. Glad that your son is home and hoping that lungs will come back on their own. Good to hear that you are doing better this time around on chemo than the last. Chemo, no matter how hard you rate it, is hard on you. We missed you.


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Oh, Lori, that is such great news! I'm so glad that he is doing so much better than the last time you posted. So wonderful. :-) And congrats on making #6! Hugs, Cynthia

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Hi Lori,

Glad to see you back here again & I'm so glad to hear Anthony is home with you again. :)
I will continue to pray for him and for you.

Hugs and smiles,

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all the best, Leslie

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Oh, goodness! That IS good news!! I'm so happy to read about both of you. Praying for continued improvement for both!


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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Wonderful news! Welcome back, please take care!

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I'm smiling a big smile right now with your news! It's always so tough when your child is ill in any way...but especially when it is critical!

As said already, please take care of YOU!!!! We, as mothers, tend to discount our own health in the face of caring for others...hey, I missed my whole rectal cancer symptoms during the time I was caring for my daughter...lol!

BIG dutch hugs, Kathi

Posts: 965
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Great news Lori! Keeping your family in my thoughts.


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Kenny H.
Posts: 503
Joined: Aug 2010

So glad to see your back Lori & to see your son recovering. Good luck with round 7 also. yay!!! were over half-way!

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also hope folfox cycle 6 is kind to you and me and everyone else.
hears hoping,
hugs pete

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Joined: Apr 2010

Yeah! Your son is back at home where you can maybe get more rest than being at a hospital. At least 'mental' rest knowing he is at home and you are able to care for him. I am glad you were able to tolerate chemo a bit better this go around. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

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I am so happy to hear that you son is out of the hospital yes you have seen the power of God and the small miracle will turn into a big one... I will continue to pray for him as I am sure so many others are already doing. Not only are you glad that he is out I am sure he loves being in his own bed getting real food not that crap we get in the hospital. As for you keep up the great work and keep kicking ***....

God Bless you my friend,
Bobby in Dallas

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