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Abnormal/anomalous lymph nodes anyone?

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Hey Folks!

Just wondering what the do if they find abnormal lymph nodes. Is this another surgery? Another low iodione diet and a dose of RAI? I had a TT in August and RAI in Sept. They found an abnormal lymph node last week in a CT scan and now they are going to do a PET. Is it a pretty sure thing that by them ordering a PET scan it is cancerous and they are just checking for other areas? I'd like to smack the doc who said this is the "easy" cancer.
And boy, when I see him....if I have to have another surgery, I'm gonna give him an earfull! (Just to validate all of us Thyroid cancer survivors!)
And no need to cushion the info, I'm a big girl, I can handle it. I want to be as informed as possible on possiblities and just-in-case senarios.

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They can't tell for sure that it is cancer from a CT or PET scan. They may be looking for any other areas, or simply making sure that they know it is abnormal before putting you through another needle biopsy. The thing to tell them it is cancer would be the biopsy.

We are currently looking to find where my cancer is, we know it is there because of my TG count but we can't find it yet. I thought that once we do that I would simply have another dose of radiation. My doctor informed me otherwise, that surgery is the best route. There is only so much radiation that we can have in our lifetime and if we can eliminate the cancer via surgery then we can save our radiation for when surgery cannot be used. The thought of having another surgery scared me. But I think I may have come to grips with it, I will fight this battle with all I have.

Stay informed, get copies of everything, and ask every question under the sun.

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If it turns out that you do have residual thyroid cancer in lymph nodes you may want to inquire about alcohol ablation options versus surgery. This procedure is done at Mayo Clinic and at least one other institution (I just can't recall which. Mayo's website has information about the procedure). I am sure it's not appropriate for all situations of thyroid cancer in lymph nodes but it may be worth seeking out additional information once you have a findings from your scans. I hope, of course, that you don't need surgery or ablation. Best to you.

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Thanks Diane and alapah!

Waiting on results from the Pet Scan. Your right Diane....I would need a biopsy to know for sure, I wasn't thinking. (Just another step in the process) Keeping my fingers crossed! The 13th was one year from the ovarian cancer. So the PET scan is good for that as well. Might as well check it all out!

Hey has anyone has any trouble with the veins in your neck after surgery? Or rather a couple months out? That is one reason why my neck is swollen on the one side and my endo said I may have been born this way and the thy surgery may have changed the vein/blood flow a bit (wild huh?), the other side is where the bad lymph is. (I really am a pain in the neck!) It's official! But don't tell anyone! :)haha...

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