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My 12 year old daughter

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Is there anyone out there who was diagnoised with papillary thyroid cancer at such a young age. My daughter had a total thyroidectomy January 2010, and is now dealing with getting her TSH level under control.

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Hi rcbert,
I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's cancer. I have not yet heard of someone so young having this. Has she been exposed to a lot of radiation? Was her mom exposed to radiation during pregnancy and how is her mom's thyroid? Did she ever have a heat stroke?

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I searched thyca.org, a site I have always found immensely helpful, and found a link to a pediatric thyroid cancer support group. The direct link for the group is -


and here is the thyca page with a bit more info -


Hope that is helpful to you and your daughter. Best to you both.

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Hi Robert,

My daughter was 14 when she was diagnosed with papillary cancer. She had a TT in 2004. After RAI and scans and more biopsies, she is now doing better. Because she was younger and going thru puberty, it was a struggle to keep her TSH levels under control. Be sure to ask your doctor to check her levels often, especially if you notice changes - menstruation issues, anxiety, fatigue, palpitations, etc. You will learn the signs that will let you knoiw if something is off. Don't be afraid to ask for bloodwork. Every time I called the doctor and asked to have her levels checked, they found her levels to be off and changed her synthroid dose.

Good Luck!


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I was diagnosed in 1965,when I was 15, and I'm still going strong. Things were different then and I was under-treated, and needed more surgery and radioactive iodine therapy about 20 years later, but I'm doing fine. I've had a busy active career and two children.

The main lesson I've learned that I would want to pass on is to keep having yearly check-ups. Thyroid cancer is highly treatable, but it CAN sometimes recur (and be treated) many years later, as mine did. And we're still learning about possible long-term effects especially in children and young people.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Rcbert. I was 12 years old when I was Diagnosed with papillary carcinoma. I had my full thyroid removed and went through one dose of radiation and came out clean afterwards. It shocked my doctors cause I was so young. But, after research I seen it was so much easier on the human body at a young age to deal with then when you get older and find it. After they finally got my TSH levels down to normal I was put on Synthroid . I am now 22 and I am healthy. Im sorry your daughter is going through this, but the one thing I will say is she will be one strong woman after wards.

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roe lorusso
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Wow, I cant believe this cancer had affected children at such a young age, my hear goes out to all the parents dealing with this and those dear children, I am a survivor of 10 years now. Good luck to all

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