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Starting this new year with very good news

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Ladies, you have all been so supportive and kind. I had PET/CT and saw doc this week who said that my intense chemo/radiation treatment to supraclavicular lymph nodes was SUCCESSFUL and I am "good for months and months and months".

I did something else which surprised myself and my husband. I asked the doc to track results of routine tests (ca125 and he4) and that I did NOT want to know them unless I NEED to know. I think that anxiety of watching the numbers fluctuate is stressful for me. My doc had told me about research done on this that concluded that results were the same but quality of life was improved in group that did not track test results. My next bloodwork and appointment is in 3 months.

I am blessed and begin 2011 with gratitude and joy. I wish the same for all who are dealing with illness. Peace. Mary Ann

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I can't tell you how HAPPY I am for you! Had you gone through all of that intense treatment and been disappointed, I would have been crushed. I so wanted you to WIN this battle; NEEDED an example of someone WINNING this battle! & you DID!!! WHOPPEEEEEEEEE!! You so deserve the wonderful news you have and the wonderful 2011 that lies ahead!! Let the JOY sweep you up and send you spinning and laughing!

I love your plan to let your oncologist do the worrying about your CA125, confident that 'no news is good news'. I hope that cancer will soon be a distant memory for you. There is NO advantage for ANY of us in being 'emotionally prepared' for some possible future bad news. In remission, the smart choice is to live as if cancer is OVER for us, in complete joy and vibrancy, confident that the beast has been vanquished. That way, if it does ever return, the new heartbreak and disappointment was preceded with months or years of carefree bliss. And if cancer DOESN'T ever return,...well HECK!! Then the bliss goes on and on and on!!

Sooooooo happy for you!

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Oh, Mary Ann....what WONDERFUL news!! I was thinking of you over the Holidays and wondering if you had gotten your test results. I am SOOOOOOO happy for you! I know your radiation treatment to the pesky node was difficult, but you prevailed!!

I do think your plan to not worry about your CA125 tests is a good idea. I know how much fellow posters worry about this. Since CA125 was NOT a marker for me I don't have that test done and as a result no anxiety about the results. The less stress the better!!

Wishing you many more years of dancing with NED!

Much joy and happiness to YOU!!


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Mary Ann,
What great news! The road was tough but you persevered and made it! A wondeful way to start the New Year. Here's to a fabulous, unstressful 2011 and beyond!
Every piece of good news for one on this board is a ray of hope for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing.

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I am in remission too! We start the new Year with Kayaks!

When I had breast cancer I did the same thing with my oncologist. He only called me if my tumor markers showed a signficant that we needed to do something about. That way I didn't worry and had a better quality of life. I thought about doing that; actually I have changed to waiting for appts to hear. I really think the CA 125 worries us too much and saps our joy in our daily lives. When I had breast I looked at them later and they would go up and down. All that time I didn't worry. It is really something to think about and I applaud you for doing this!

How strong we get from coping with this cancer. I had a vitreous bleed or a small retinal detachment they are watching closely. This didn't even phase me. The retina specialist says it is not from chemo but I think it is. Perhaps avastin but they use avastin to treat alot of eye problems. The ER Dr was young and though I had a mini stroke. I didn't think so but he said my age......I forgot I was getting so old. 59 Tuesday. My eye is improving though. I still think it was from the chemo.

Joyous news for you Mary Ann! I am filled with hope!

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oh happy day! i can't tell you how happy i am for both of you, to start 2011 with such a clear slate. yipee! i, too, think it's a great idea to just let those cas 1245 be someone else's worry, and not ours. i know i said no to my surgeon re: ca 125's every 3 months who didn't like the idea, but my medical oncologist concurred. so i had actually around 8 months of no tests, which was wonderful for me. and so it will be for both of you.

diane, i hope the small retinal detachment clears up quickly, and some how a stroke doesn't sound right at all. you and i share the same birthday 4 january, i'll be 69! it's funny how one's perspective change, can't wait til i'm 70 and beyond......what i wish for all of you young'uns.

so, happy new year, and happy birthday, diane. i never liked the word "remission", but frankly now i'll take it gladly.

hugs and sisterhood,

hopeful girl 1
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Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!


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Wish I could do cartwheels with you, but I am sure I would injure myself trying. I am so happy for your news. You have been through so much with all your different chemos. I am glad you will get a break for a while.

Hope your bleed resolves soon, so you get on with the planning of your daughter's wedding. Hope you are getting stronger each day to enjoy the planning. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Celebrate and be careful with those cartwheels. In peace and cairng.

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Great news Diane. Let 2011 turn into a good news year for all!

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Maybe, just maybe this year is going to be good to us all. Glad to hear your news. Hugs to you from Oregon.

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I am so happy that all your radiation and chemo has gotten rid of "Chester". May he be gone forever. I hope your doctor does not contact you for a very long time, meaning that your lab work is doing great. It is so good that you have Joy and gratitude to start off 2011.

Hope you are feeling stronger each day and able to enjoy many of the "holiday treats". I know you meditation, yoga and healthy eating has had to help too. Keep up the good work, and celebrate. In peace and caring.

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Double Whammy
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I'm too clumsy to do cartwheels, but I hope you know that even without doing them, I'm sooo very happy for you. There have been too many losses and recurrences on the breast cancer board recently - it's so wonderful to see news that is good. You've been through a lot, Mary Ann, and it was worth it.

I just realized Diane said she was in remission too. I just love good news. And to think what you've been through to get there - wow. It's wonderful to learn that some of the more extreme treatments actually do make a difference. Hope your strength has fully returned.

Happy New Year.

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Mary Ann
What great newa Congratulations!!!! What a great way to atart the new Year. I am so happy for you. Keep up the good work
Congrats to Diane too!!
I love hearing good things for a change.
I hope each one of us on this site has a great 2011!!

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What fantastic, uplifting news to start 2011. I am so pleased for you both. Let's hope this starts a chain of good news which will continue for all of us throughout 2011 and beyond!

Always Hopeful
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What FANTASTIC news!!!! You both have been through so much...you give us all hope and have definitely uplifted my spirits!

Sending many smiles and hugs to you both...

Peace and hope, JJ

Always Hopeful
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Happy Birthday to you both (tomorrow)...let this year be just the beginning of many, many more filled with MUCH health, love and happiness.

Peace and hope, JJ

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I was so glad to read this!!!! Happy dance!!!!

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Oh Mary Ann! I am so happy for you news! What a nice way to start the new year! I will continue to pray for you. I know what you mean about stress regarding results and tests. It can take a toll.

Blessings to you for a happy, healthy 2011!


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What a wonderful way to begin the new year. I had been very, very worried when you were in the hospital. This is the best news a girl could get.

I bet they can see the beam of your smile from outer space.

Love you,


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Dear Mary Ann,

I am so happy to hear your wonderful news. This is a special place as you say. Wonderful support and encouragement. Hugs and good wishes to you.


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Happy new year to you! What wonderful results from your last treatments. I so supportive of your decision not to track the routine tests...it certainly removes a burden from your life. Best wishes for 2011.

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WOW! That's incredible. Great way to start to the new year. After all those torturous, and lengthy procedures you both made it to the other side. Modern medicine!

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I am with Linda on the great news for you. I can just imagine how you felt when you heard it. What did you do to celebrate? I just gave you a high five from Oregon. I love news like this.

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Great news...doing the happy dance for you...

I will do it for some others who may be needing it too!!!!\

Thanks for sharing!


Cindy Bear
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This is great news! Good for you! You have been through so much but you handled it with such grace, bravery and hope. You are an inspiration to the others on this board.

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