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Pushed through a CT before insurance change

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I was totally shocked when my onc called today and said I showed a asymetrical thickening of my left rectum (tumor was removed from right side). WOW just a little unnerved until I see my surgeon and get a scope really didn't expect this. Laura

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Take a deep breath, Laura! It's something doctors love doing is pointing out (which they have to) and differences that they see or feel or however they find them. And of course they use words that put terror in our hearts, when really, they are usually just talking in technical jargon.

So keep breathing and try to relax. I'm sure your surgeon will find out that there's nothing there to worry about and can explain what is causing this asymetrical thickening.

To keep us posted though... we'll be there waiting to hear what you find out. When do you see your surgeon?


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