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My version of Auld Lang Syne

Kaleena's picture
Posts: 2064
Joined: Nov 2009

May all diagnoses be forgot
and not recur again
May treatments, tests, and all the rest
be done by this year’s end

For all of us who’s sick of it
let’s conquer all our fears
And we'll sing a song of N.E.D.
For many happy years

Just really want to wish all of you and pray that all have a happy and healthy New Year.


upsofloating's picture
Posts: 473
Joined: Dec 2009

Well I'll drink some cheer to that ;-)

Happy New Year and NED to all!


kkstef's picture
Posts: 706
Joined: May 2008

Kathy....I like your version!! And I'm singing it (even if I can't carry a tune at all).

May all of the Sisters here have a wonderful 2011! CHEERS!!!

Hugs to all!


HellieC's picture
Posts: 524
Joined: Nov 2010

What a great re-working! Let's hope we can all sing it for many years.
Wishing you a healthy 2011

Always Hopeful
Posts: 234
Joined: May 2010

Hi Kathy,

I LOVE your Auld Lang Syne parody!

I had a "Kick Cancer Out the Door" event last night...never to return! Wish I read your posting so I could have completed my kick with your rendition.

Wishing you and all a new year filled with N.E.D., as well as ALL the years ahead!

Peace and hope, JJ

clscurnutt's picture
Posts: 26
Joined: Nov 2009

It even felt better singing it out loud than just reading it with the tune in mind.

A wondrous new year to all!
==Never give up! Never surrender!==


TiggersDoBounce's picture
Posts: 413
Joined: Oct 2009

Sending healing thoughts all around the board!


Posts: 134
Joined: May 2010

Great tune Kathy. Brought a needed smile to my face!
Many Blessings to all my fellow warriors
May we all have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
Many Blessings!

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010


You are right on with that version girlfriend!!! :)

Love it!

Many wishes for health and good news for all of us this year!!!


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