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7 weeks post op (Da Vinci surgery) and belly button is bleeding

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I had a total hysterectomy 7 weeks ago after being diagnosed with uterine cancer. My recovery has gone well. Four weeks after my hysterectomy, I underwent total hip replacement (I am 2 1/2 weeks out from the hip surgery).
Yesterday was the first day that I wore pants that zipped and buttoned, and I noticed late in the day that my belly button was bleeding. The bleeding is not severe but does have me concerned. Of course, my doctor's office is closed today for the holiday.
Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions? I have cleaned it out with hydrogen peroxide, but it is still a little sore. I have given up on wearing "big girl" pants for a while and am returning to wearing nothing but pants with elastic waist bands (I was foolish for trying the others so soon).
Should I just wait it out? I am scheduled to return to work on Monday, and do not want to have to get back into working full time only to have to be out again to deal with this issue.
Any comments or insight would be most appreciative.
Thank you,

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Hi Paula:

Happy to hear that you are recovering after two surgeries!

With regard to your bleeding, I assume that it is coming out from the surgical cut? Is the area around it hot, itchy? Also, is it blood or mix of watery substance?

Since you are 2 1/2 weeks out from your surgery, you may have just pulled something to make it bleed. However, just watch for infections. I had two surgeries within 4 weeks of each other and after the second surgery when I went home, my wound started to "bleed". It was kind of watery though and it ended up being an infection, but that was almost a week after my surgery. Although my surgeries were the verticle cut from my belly button down, so I would check on your discharge papers to see what it says.

Just take it easy for a few days. However, if you get a fever, I would definitely call your doctor.

Have a healthy and happy New Year! My best to you.


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And yes it was watery blood. I don't show any signs of infection, but am keeping a close watch out for that.
My best to you!

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If it gets worse over the weekend go to the ER. They will call your Doctor. Someone should be on call for your Doctor even if the office is closed. Don't be afraid to call if it gets worse or doesn't stop. Look for infection, pain, redness, etc.


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