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Why is my reconnection going so damn good?

Kerry S's picture
Kerry S
Posts: 607
Joined: Dec 2009

My attitude working with the fantastic skill set of my colon surgeon Dr. Todd W. Arends. He is located in west St. Louis County. When he did the lower bowel resection, he did it right. That made the reconnection he did 101 days later work perfect.

After reading so many horror stories here about reconnections. I have to tell you that mine has been easy. Yes I had to run to the john the first 2 weeks. Yes, I had to grease up my butt to stop the burn from messy BMs. Yes, one time I did not get to the john fast enough and I crapped in my pants. No big deal.

Yesterday I got up and had a normal BM. Drove the 103 miles to Dr. Arends (AKA super doc) office for my check up. He checked me out and set my next appointment in 4 months. He did say I can’t play with my chainsaw and log splitter for another 2 weeks. That was a bummer. After that we drove back home. Only had the one BM all day!!!! Got up this morning and had a normal BM before coffee. I am back to normal or damn close to it.

I would insist that any of my family or friends that need any colon surgery use super doc. I strongly suggest that any of my cyber family that live in this area use him. He is the go to guy when it comes to the colon.

Kerry (the normal pooping old coot)

mukamom's picture
Posts: 402
Joined: Oct 2010

you! Robert is not faring so well a week and a half out of surgery. Still lots of pain (they fixed hernia, too) and solid food makes his abdomen swell up. Surgeon put him back on a liquid diet at least until next follow up next week. Pooping is ok, only a few times a day. What can you poop on liquids??

Glad to hear you are (almost) back to your old coot self!!

Happy New Year to you and your family


Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

Kerry I am really happy for you! It must be all those years of good clean living!

Crow71's picture
Posts: 681
Joined: Jan 2010

I'll give super doc his due, and perhaps there's a bit of luck on your side. Maybe it's that you and your butt are the toughest s-o-bs that cancer ever took a whack at. Mix all that together with your Attitude, and we'll be out sawing ad splitting in no time.

It's good to hear from you.


maglets's picture
Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

because.....you are such a sweetheart.....that's why!!!!!


Posts: 810
Joined: Nov 2009

YOU ARE BACK!!!! I have missed your posts! Yes, you are one of the lucky ones, as am I . Mine was relatively easy as well. Like you, the first two weeks were a but rough but after that it all seems fine. I am down to one poop a day, occasionally 2 if I eat something that does not agree with me, but Hey I can live with it! My reconnection is about 15 months old now so I pretty much have the hang of it. It has not stopped me in the least. I am going places, vacationing and all with out the fear of crapping my pants.
so Happy to hear that you are doing so well!!

Hugs to you,

pepebcn's picture
Posts: 6352
Joined: Aug 2010

LOL. Hugs my friend !Happy &healthy year!

Kerry S's picture
Kerry S
Posts: 607
Joined: Dec 2009

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil, because I am the meanest SOB in the valley. My higher power built me this way. Works for me!!!

Kerry (nasty old coot)

plh4gail's picture
Posts: 1238
Joined: Oct 2010

That is so good! Happy for ya :)


HollyID's picture
Posts: 951
Joined: Dec 2009

It's just because you're so darn cute. Added that to a great surgeon!! Good for you!

TMac52's picture
Posts: 358
Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Kerry,
Glad to hear your pretty much back to your old self. Unfortunatly i will never be reversed or reconnected and that's a drag. But concidering the alternative I have to be happy bout that. I wish you a happy new year.

Buzzard's picture
Posts: 3073
Joined: Aug 2008

because you damn well deserve it you ole fart....LOL......Happy New Year to you and your beautiful bride......Love to you both, Buzz

idlehunters's picture
Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

Whats up..whats up?????? Good poopin I see...YAY!!! I SOOOOOOO know THAT feeling. I never gave much thought to poopin before all this. just took it for granted. Not no more. I am a 1 day a pooper now too and feel like I have been released from jail!!!! YAY again!!! So glad to see you back on the boards........ sure have missed you Darlin!!


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tootsie1's picture
Posts: 5065
Joined: Feb 2008

Kerry, I'm really happy that everything is going so well for you, and I'm truly happy you're back on here. I've missed you!


pete43lost_at_sea's picture
Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

dear old coot,

Its just great to here the positive news with our treatments like yours!
It really boosts my hope.

Of course I am glad your a super pooing happy old coot who travels.
I also here the gratitude and appreciation in your post.

I hope my recoonection goes as well as yours , but its six months away.
I always end up smiling when I read your posts. they are fantastic medicine!!!


Posts: 1736
Joined: Jul 2007

that we get so excited about pooping normally, when so many take that for granted. I still have problems in that area, and I remember saying just yesterday I wish I was normal when it comes to pooping..LOL..only ones who have gone through what we have can understand and relate....

I am very happy for you my friend...You will be out there playing with that log splitter in no time...just make sure you take all the time you need to heal.


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