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Six years

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Six years ago today I underwent a laporascopic right hemi-colectomy for stage 2a colon cancer. Early on I used to frequent this discussion group but have not in quite awhile and wanted to give an update to those who might remember me, and try to give some hope to the newbies. I did not have chemo--not because I am against chemo--but the data at the time (as today) did not show any meaningful difference in survival or recurrence rates for stage 2 colon cancer with chemo (it does, however differ for latter stages). Still, it was a very difficult decision, and others have chosen a different path. It is a very personal decision.

Throughout the past six years I have had scares with every body change or new ache or pain. So far each has proved that even cancer survivors have "normal" stuff that may not be cancer. Will this hold true in the future? Who knows, but for today I can say six years NED.

So today I celebrate life. And I also feel saddness for those less fortunate who I "knew" through their words on this site.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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how very nice to hear from you and congrats on your NED....I too am exactly 6 years but have taken a different path with liver mets twice.

the good thing? you are here .....I am still here.....more than one way to do the cancer tango....

I miss those that we have lost along the way....I really really miss them

cheers, maggie

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Thanks for posting and letting us know how well you have done. I wish you a Happy + healthy New Year.

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Hi Howard,
Thanks for sharing and congratulations it is good to hear about a survivor. I was dx with stage 3 in July 09 then went through...... Port/chemo/radiation/APR surgery w/ perm colostomy. 6 weeks after surgery I was told pathology report showed no lymphnode involvment nor did the cancer penetrate the walls of my rectum???? Therefore I was re-diagnosed with stage one. I was given the option to do chemo after and decided I didnt want to take any chances they got all the cancer and my chance for full cure is 99%
Unfortunately i have to live with the ostemy due to human error but can not let that fester in my head just have to carry on. I am going on my 3rd dose of 5fu and oxy this monday 3 down 5 to go. I am sure you met some great folks on this site as i have and with a little luck in 6 years i will be reporting back as well. Thanks again and Happy New Year!!!!!! Tom.....52....Boston.Ma

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Congrats on the milestone!!!

Keep on keepin' on!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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Hugs and Happy and healthy new year!

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Great to hear from you again mate. Glad that you are hanging in and doing well, Looking forward to hearing from you many more times over thr years . Ron.

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Howard, I don't know you ....but, AMEN!

Congratulation's on your 6 years, Gail

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Hi Howard,

So glad to see you pop back in... and with such good news!! I didn't get to meet you 6 years ago. Back then, I HAD cancer but didn't know it!! It would be two more years (Dec 2006) before a chronic pain in my left side would eventually be diagnosed as a tumour in my sigmoid colon, that had penetrated through the colon wall AND caused perontonitis to boot (see, Doc? I was not making it up, I did have a pain in my side! ). Now, had I known 6 years ago or 8 years ago or... well, maybe things would be different for me today.

But, like Mags and anyone else who is posting in response to your post, we are all still here so this is a good sign. It's been 4 years for me and although I had a nice 2 1/2 year break from chemo/treatment, I had to go back on chemo (Xeleda) back in June. It stopped working sometime in the last few months, so I'm on a wee break but will be having to get a port surgically inserted again (Jan 20) and then will be starting Irinotecan Feb 7.

I'm still trying to figure out how this chemo is going to affect me so I can prepare myself before I start it... so part of that prep is to keep reading good stories of surviors :)

Thanks for popping in!! Hope you will stay around for awhile?


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Duplicate message

CherylHutch's picture
Posts: 1399
Joined: Apr 2007

Duplicate message

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