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trying to understand

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a relative of mine was diag. with colorectal cancer with mets to liver and lungs, over a year ago. 13 mos. later pet showed activity in lung and liver. caught early. one oncologist gives him 3 mos. the other says it is more complicated and gives him more leway. he is doing chemo. again, maintence with artemisinin, and doing self adjuvent therpy. also going to start sodium dichloroacetate. has anyone gone through this course? if so how are you doing?

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There are about 130 different types of Cancer. What information you need is which cancer do they have. This makes a lot of difference for the diagnosis. Carcenoid vs Carcenoma vs Signet Ring Cell etc....

Do they have cancer in the lymph nodes?

Is anything opreable?

Have they seen other oncologists?

First find out what type of Cancer.
Second read on what studies are out there. (Anything pre 2007 put lesser weight on it.)
Third find out which Hospitals have Cancer specific wings.
Forth find a second opinion going in with additional information, you will be better to tell what kind of treatment you are receiving.

We interviewed 6 Oncs before deciding. Three bragged how they studied under a particular Doctor. We went to see that Doctor. He is my Oncologist now.

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