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REALLY blunt question. How can sex be satisfying without ejaculation?

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Joined: Dec 2010

It justt seems to me that so much of sex and specifically orgasm is tied to ejaculation. I just wonder what it would be like without that pulsing and contracting. Somebody please answer this question.

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Joined: Dec 2010

As unbelievable as it sounds it is the same sensation without the mess.

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My ejaculate stopped when I took FloMax and returned after I stopped taking it

FloMax is commonly prescribed to help control the frequency and urgency of urination. The drying up of ejaculate is a known side effect of that drug that was not made known to me before I took it. I didn't like dry ejaculation at all and did not find sex as satisfying w/o the "mess." So, I immediately stopped taking FlowMax.

I'm post CyberKnife treatment now and know that the long term effect of the treatment will be to dry up my ejaculate but reports are that this effect is not universal and that some men still are able to ejaculate even after radiation.

I hope that I'm one of the lucky few but, if I'm not, I'll deal w/it even if the sex doesn't seem as satisfying w/o ejaculation.

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is you lose your sperm & semen...which is your ejaculate.....that some men, including myself find in a satisfying "climax". Something men considering prostate removal should think about.

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the prostate, seminal vesicles and the testicles contribute to the fluid at ejaculation. with the prostate gone and the vas tied off, there is no fluid at climax if you have had a prostatectomy. the feel good muscle, the external sphincter is what contracts at climax and is responsible for the feeling. the sphincter remains intact after a prostatectomy, so in most cases the feeling is the same. the feeling can be altered however and is different for each person who has had the surgery. a friend of mine says its better and more intense, for me its better and slightly more prolonged, for you or the next guy is undetermined until you go through it. in my humble opinion, this issue is not a game breaker. please note that after radiation with its affect on the prostate, the nerves and the sphincter there too may be some post treatment side effect. hope this helps jm
this link explains the post prostatectomy anatomy the relevance to climax and continence

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Hi ED “partners in crime”
There is a forum (WWW. franktalk.org) dedicated exclusively to ED, where the “Ejaculation Principle” is discussed.
In my case, me (and my wife) have suffered with my ED problem since RP in 2000, but both managed to find ways for sexual enjoyment. She influenced me in changing my attitude in regards to what I considered pleasure. That is to say, move from ejaculation to a psycho climax-sensation. It becomes more like an imaginary thing than carnal.

After my surgery I got a list of sexual manners recommended by the doctor in charge of ED matters. I choose VED (pump) and used V but nothing was very tempting as it would be at the wrong timing or the procedure would turn both of us off. (Newer ways exist now)
The intent was very strong on me, and for my surprise, 4 months after RP I start to experience a sort of natural erection (pointing to the 4 o’clock mark more than to the 2 o’clock) which was quite enjoyable but without the ejaculation process. My doctor told me that there are exceptional cases, where an individual’s nerve system starts using different nerve path to send down the signals (the will power).
After SRT I saw an improvement in terms of hardness which, according to the doctor was due to the freer flow of blood to the “willy”.

There is a book named "Saving Your Sex Life (J Mulhall)” were the author mentions about the value of our partners to reach that “willing” without tools. SMKCC has lanced a video with regards to ED and PCa at; http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/94910.cfm

Wishing all long pointed awaked nights.

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Joined: Dec 2010

JM, Like your friend, my climaxes are actually longer and more intense , which is hard to believe but true from my experience.

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Posts: 3428
Joined: Nov 2010

Thanks for the info. It helps me to understand better what was going on in my system.
I like your picture and dog.
Merry Christmas

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Joined: Oct 2010

I have red that after RP men squirt urine when they climax. Is this true? Is there some drug or something you can take to avoid doing this?

Posts: 18
Joined: Dec 2010

I personally have not squirted urine or even a drop but I have heard that this has happened to others…

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Joined: Nov 2008

Personally (3 years out from DaVinci), I find my present "dry" climax's equal to, if not better, than before. And there is a "silver lining" in that, for a certain type of shared "activity", my wife used to be less than thrilled with the "taste". But now, without any ejaculate, there are "no holds barred", and we're both happier! Did I say I was happier?...!!!

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Glad the normally unwritten benefits are working out for you. I always avoided asparagus as I had heard that was a bad taste inducer...but in your case, another thing to be happy about is that you can eat ANYTHING you want! Go get em.

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