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Well that sure hurt

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I am home! Hernia surgery went well, they did not have to do the big incsion, just 8 small ones, but there was alot of repair work, so I am quite sore. my entire abdomen was meshed and I have to wear a binder for 6 weeks. it almost lookd like I got a tummy tuck out of the deal, I am still swollen, but there is defitinly not as much girth as there was before. I am glad to be home, as you all know you cannot get any rest in a hospital, they are coming in all hours to take your temp yur blood pressure and all that stuff. So please say a little prayer that I am done with surgery for a long long time.

Thank you for all your kind words and support, it truly helped!!

Hugs to all,

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Your home! Sending you prayers, love, good wishes everything that you recover quickly and you dont go near a surgeon again! Hopefully after you recover you can start planning your UK trip. :-)

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I am glad you are home! Take good care of you!

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Take good care of yourself, dearheart!!!

(Tummy tuck, huh?....maybe I could....nah, I'm an old lady, it doesn't matter...ROFL!)

My beau, as you know, is a doctor. When HE has an overnight stay (or more) in the hospital, he puts on his best "doctor" voice and says "You have me hooked up to telemetry so you can monitor my vitals from your nurses station. I have never heard of taking a patient's weight (yes, at 2am) being an emergency. Please do not wake me thru the night unless I am dying. And, even then, consider whether it's worth it!" (I'm always staying with him, so I can pretty much say this word for word along with him). It works...usually he is not disturbed between 11pm and 5am when the shift changes!

Hugs, Kathi

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Welcome back home and glad that it went good. Hope you have a fast recovery.


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Now take time to rest and enjoy Christmas as much you can,!
Send my prayers for the requested wishes!
Big hug!

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May you now get the rest that you need. I hate that I always leave hospitals way mor tired than when I went in. Glad you are home and all meshed up. I'm sure as the swelling goes down you'll feel even better.

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So glad you're home. I hope you heal up quickly and enjoy the holidays.


(Nice to get a tummy tuck in there. :) )

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Now the rest and recuperation can begin.

Suggestions from a "been there, done that" is to maintain your pain meds whether or not you think you need them. The recovery from this surgery is notoriously painful, and lasts a while. I was still getting stabbing pains around those 8 incisions where the mesh is stitched down 5 months post-op. However, overall, I feel great, and am doing everything now.

Here's hoping that surgery is done forever! You've been through enough. Time to breathe freely again.


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Hi Kathy,
I am glad your home there is no better feeling than getting back into your own bed after a stay in the hospital. I left after only 4 days (abdominal perineal resection w/ perm colostomy) I couldnt take it and begged to get out of there. I am sending you some positive mojo and adding you to my prayer list.

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I'd like to flatten my tummy, but I don't think I want to take your route. Ouch! Glad you're home, and I hope you feel wonderful soon!


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I'm so glad you are home Kathy. And I'm glad your hernias are repaired. 8 small incisions are better than one big one any day. Enjoy the holidays.

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glad your home and out of hospital.
don't over do it with heavy xmas presents.
take care buddy,

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I hope that you're feeling better soon. Get plenty of rest. Big Hugs, Cynthia

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LOve your tree!!!!!!!


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So glad you are home.
Please take care and take it easy.
Linda and Ellie

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Happy to hear all went well and you can recover at home. Take care and be sure to get plenty of rest.


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