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Guatemala and beyond

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Well. Rapidarc in Guatemala was semi-successful. They treated the main tumor and found a new one in a real bad place and treated it as best they could. By all accounts so far, the treatment was successful. There is one tumor that I wanted treated that didn't get treated because of the urgency of the new one. I still have plenty of lung mets. I just restarted chemo round #77. I'm looking into getting nanoknife done on my lung mets. There is a hospital in SC that is doing it and I have been in contact with them. The treatment seems very promising and might buy me some more time. As for now, I think my liver is clear. I've always responded very well to folfox so I expect another good response. I have had as many as 10 small mets disappear while on folfox. If the same happens now I may be looking at only a half a dozen mets about 1cm in my lungs that need to be treated. So for now I'm just waiting to see how folfox works again. I will know more with imaging near the end of Jan. Thanks for asking and caring, John

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If folfox works well on liver , is there any sense for not work on lungs as they are same cancer cells?.
is there not a chance than folfox take care of both , liver and lungs?.
Hugs and thanks for sharing Sir!

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