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I am Here......still Going............

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Well, after being in the Hospital for the last month with altered mental state do to the cancer, which they are now controlling with meds. And my wife God bless her, weathered through this. Next was the pneumonia, severe UTIs, thrush that lasted 5 weeks, trouble swallowing anything except liquuid. Then came the Bi-lateral PEs, to both lungs that by all rights should have killled me. But that where the Miracle comes in, I am still here.Oh yeah, forgot the mass in my throat that was just pocketing food, no mass that was growing to shut down my throat like they thought. So be very involved in your care, they do make errors that can be quite damaging to your mental state, let alone the stress and depression the wrong diagnosis can bring.
After being Diangnosed almost 3 years ago that I had at the very best 1 to 1-1/2 years, I guess my work here isn't done. So remember never give up, because there is always hope.
BUT, be watchful of your care, stay on the providers, your liffe does depend on you being involved. They sometimes over look things, IF my wife had over looked my leg swelling, I probably would be dead right now.
If you feel any change in Your mental state, or anyother changes (no matter how small) get on it, let them know and stay on them til they do something. It is your life, not theirs.

Prayers and Best Wishes to Everyone....,
Dan(cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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Sorry for your rough patch, but so glad you're back with us. You are an inspiration to many!

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Glenna M
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I'm so happy to see you posting again, I think of you often and when you don't post for a while I start worrying about you. You're an amazing man who has survived, no, not just survived, you have lived much longer than any doctors would believe. You are a true miracle!!

Keeping you and Margi in my prayers daily.

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Thanks much for the sound advice. I am recently diagnosed and your advice is very timely and points to what impact a educated and positive approach can have on treatment. I have a pain in my upper back and one spot in my head that aches, in addition to lung cancer. I have been pointing this out to every doc and so fa, these signs are being discissed. This is one reason I am, seeking aother opinion.

Thanks for your posts and I hope to hear more from you as we walk this path! Best wishes to you always.


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I am so glad you are back wish there was a way for you to let us know when things are bad o we could send notes of support its hard when someone just disappears off the site glad you are doing better. I am also having upper back by my shoulder blades going to the dr. tomorrow. 3 month scans and yes it is very important to make sure the drs. listen to you and keep insisting until they find the cause of the symptoms not just give a pill to cover the symptoms.

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Your are correct... your work is not done. You have plenty to do, and much knowledge to share. Thank you.

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Hey Dan!! We all worry when you go missing!!!

Sorry for the difficulties you have had recently, you are a trooper and an inspiration!!
Wishing you and Margi and peaceful holiday season!!

Be good to yourself!

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I have been waiting patiently for your posts !! Good to hear your are "better"....I really do not know what more to say, I have followed your journey for sometime. Hope you are OK with this, but I think of you always when I think my problems are overwhelming!!! You are a Living Miracle.

Take care....and thanx for all the inspiration!!


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I'm happy to see your faces on the board again!

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I will keep being here and trying to help for as long as I can... Everyone I meet has been an inspiration to me and help me face whatever the day brings...and if I can help just one person along the way, it has made this journey that much more bearable.

Margi and I Thank You all for your support, Prayers and Best Wishes to all....
Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon...

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Count me among the more than one person you have helped - even though my disease was caught early and my one year scan just done was clear, I was almost paralyzed by anxiety after my diagnosis and surgery - your kindness at the time will never be forgotten - your bravery in the face all that life has tossed your way is an inspiration to all of us who have heard those awful words "it's cancer" -
keep us updated when you can - you have been missed - connie.

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i'm so glad to have seen your posting i'm was just told i have lung cancer which has moved into my liver i'm at stage 4 but with the words you spoke gives me hope.i am a strong person an will take what they throw at me to inprove my life. i keep looking for support an just maybe with your posting i will be stronger.it's so good to hear your still going an stay strong.

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