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Nexevar is not working. Starting intravenous chemo.

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I've been taking Nexevar since July for a mets to lungs. We were hoping that the nexevar would at least stop the growth of new nodules. But I had a CT scan Wednesday and yesterday, the doctor said the nodules have increased in size and are still multiplying. He's starting me on intravenous chemo on the 13th. I'm scared. But I know I have to do it. My oxygen level is 87 and it is difficult to breathe sometimes. Has anyone gotten through chemo without a lot of side effects?

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Hi Veronica
I was hoping you could tell me how long you used the nexevar. I am now at the point of not many options available. We are thinking of nexevar or some type of chemo. Do you know what chemo they will give you. I have heard that cisplatin and doxorubicin might work for thy ca. I will keep positive thoughts for you.
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Hi Lisha,

I began using nexevar at the end of July. It hurt my feet so bad, they took me off of it a couple of times for a about a week each time. I was originally on two 200mg.tablets a day, and was finally reduced to one tablet every other day. My onco says I'll be getting Aerythromycin. I don't know about the cisplatin and doxorubicin. But let me know if you find out anymore about it.

Stay on top of your treatment though. Don't let the doctors tell you its nothing they can do for thyroid cancer. That's what they told me when I kept asking them what are they going to do about the mestastasis in my lungs. They told me I could live with it for years with no problem. Now, the onco is telling me if I don't go through with the chemo I will only have six to months to live. Even if I do, and it doesn't work, he only give me a year. I'm scared,and I'm mad. I feel like they could have tried this way back when. Good luck to you, and God bless.

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