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back to work

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Hey guy's, the migraines are gone, and it's so hard to believe, I'm going back to work on Wednesday. I have a stress test tomorrow, because of the arrhythmia in my heart. I'm more worried about collapsing during the stress test, because it's the first thing remotely resembling exercise since the cancer treatments!!!! LOL.... Can't believe 6 month's have passed dealing with NHL, enjoy everyday! Vinny

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Good luck on your return to work. It will probably feel strange to say the least.Just have to pace yourself day to day. I am sure you don't feel 100% yet. I know if you are not used to doing any exercise then that treadmill will be an uphill battle for sure,but you will do fine. Just take it one day at a time. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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I love work, keeps your mind focus to other things than Cancer.
Vinny welcome back to the bump and grind!!
My work is like being back in High School.
I love it.....

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Hi Vinny,
So glad the migraines are gone...nothing worse than a darn pounding head! Good luck on the stress test and going back to work on Wednesday. It will be 6 months Dec. 16th when I was told I had cancer. Where does the time go! Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Good luck on the stress test! And I hope you really enjoy Wednesday and work in general. I am loving it-this is my third week back full-time and I am so happy to be there. It really can help- must be that we have all that other stuff to focus on instead of just us and NHL!! :) I will admit at first it kicked my butt but now I'm getting back into the routine. I just have to pace myself which I'm sure you'll find as well. But it's great!

My prayers and good thoughts are with you!!


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Hope you do well on your stress test - just don't push yourself over your limits or too hard. Good luck and welcome back to working again. I work from home one day a week and also look forward to go back to office and work half-time after I am done with treatments!


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Vinny - you'll be greatly missed on this website - don't forget about us! But I'm thrilled the 6 months is over for you and work is coming up! Just take it easy and don't overdo, but enjoy every minute of having something else to think about and concentrate on besides NHL - congrats! So happy for you - hope the treadmill test goes well. Fran

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Hi Vinny,
I wish you all the best as you go back to work. You will have times when you are so tired, try to rest when you can. But, enjoy being back in the regular world. You deserve it.
It is also wonderful news to hear, no more headaches ! What a relief.
Peaceful healing

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hey guy's thanks again, I will always be checking in, maybe not as much as now, but I really do consider everyone one here family!!!! Vinny

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Hey Vinny, good luck on the return to work. You will be tired and that is to be expected but don't get too frustrated. It will get better gradually. I hope the stress test turned out OK. Mary

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