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Welcome kdkjoshi

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Hi Cheryl, I wanted to welcome you to this board. This wonderful group made me feel right at home only last month. There are many kind hearts,advice, inspiration, and even laughs that you will find here.

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Just wanted to welcome you to our board and let you know that you have joined a wonderful family. You can post at anytime of day as usually there will be someone on to respond within a few hours of any post. Sorry for your diagnosis, but we are here to listen, help, and give you our experiences. Remember we are a colorectal board so there has never been a subject or question raised that "raised" our eye brows :) Welcome again!


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I appriciate all the support I can get. Having a bit of a rough time of it.
Today was the beginning of round 5. I just got home, it took 6 hours. We are in the middle of a winter storm and the roads are crazy.
Of course Im still learning what is important and what is not.

So a bit of my story.

I was dignosed aug 16th,2010

I was working and having side pains that would stop me in my tracks. I tried calling to get a doc appointment but couldnt get one for 5-6 weeks out. One of the managers say me and told me that I needed to get myself to the ER. I did the next morning.
They sent me for a CT scan and dignosed me on the spot. I was admitted, given the prep which just bloated me badly. Nothing came out. Colonoskpy attempted and a full obstruction was found. Sigmoid resection 17". Lap assist. 5 Lymph nodes positive.

Surgery OK, went home and back started hurting as did my incision. Then the incision started weaping. Double infection- Kidney and Wound. Antibiotic resistant. 6 weeks of IV antibiotics.

While they were trying to track the infection from surgery they found a port vein clot in my liver, so I was put on fragim- shots to give to myself daily.

Round 1- started itching as soon as the chemo started. had to stop and get benedryl. OK after that.

Round 2 I started out ok, stood up on day 6 and everything let loose. liquid diarrea, vomiting.. ran to the bathroom and made into the tub and then started bleeding. top and bottom, and bloody nose and tears. I was alone, and it didnt sink in that this was an emergency. So I spent the night in the bathtub, sick and bleeding. severe side pain. A frend came over in the morning and I had just finished cleaning myself up and got ready to go to work barely able to stand he took one look at me and took me to my chemo doc. Who took one look at me and admitted me.

A week in the hosp. another set of scopes top and bottom, another CT scan and they couldnt find the reason for the bleeding. They did find a tumor wraped around my spine. Refered to a neurosurgen. I see next week for results. Fragmin dose was reduced.

Round 3 started the day after I was released from the hosp. No Fragmin, my insurance required pharmacy took 9 days to get the med to me, in the meantime I was off it.
Day 6-7 were the worse, no bleeding but the pain was back. took the morphine I was givin for surgery recovery. and then a bit more.

Round 4 almost the same. The pain is severe. I couldnt walk for 2days Doc. doesnt have a clue why. She gave me more morphine and said to use it generously. I did and it wasnt enough. Fragmin dose increased on last day and I started bleeding. My platelets are good.
But I wonder, Ive always had extreamly high platelets, sometimes needing treatment. now they are mid normal. I asked the doc and she said it shouldnt matter.

Today was the start of round 5, doc visit first and this time she listened that my bms were 5-10 a day. Now Im supposed to take 1 immodium a day in the am to see if that will slow them down. No comment on the pain, I did bring it up. and back down on the fragmin for 5 days to see if Ibleed again then back up to the current dose.

Today the nurses accidnetly gave me regular saline which Im not supposed to have with the oxi. then the Cal/mag was given after the oxi and removed when still 1/2 full because it was 5 pm and wasnt that important for me to have.

And so thats my current story.

Oh to add, my husband had chest pains last week, his doc thinks it was a heart attact. Sent him for a stress test and says he needs surgery. He is trying to put it off until Im off Chemo. So Im arguing with him at the moment. I dont want to lose him because im on chemo and he is taking care of me. The more help, support that he sees I need the more resistant he is about taking care of himself.

Hope thats not two crazy of an introduction. A Bit crazy is how I feel right now.

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I am glad you joined; there is a lot of help here + a lot of interesting people. It sounds like you have your hands full right now.

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Welcome. Welcome

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