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Just wondering what people have read or heard about what foods are good for helping us beat back this cancer. I want to do all I can to help myself defeat my cancer. I plan on doing this 18 supplemental flush when I finish my chemo in January as the oncologist thought it best to wait till then. A friend of mine has stage 4 back in 2006 and did this flush after chemo and surgery and has been cancer free since 2007. So please feel free to add any information you might know about food's we can eat that is good in the fight against cancer.

Thanks and God Bless


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Nana b
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I would google Vegan....really all green veggies.

but some are....Limit red meat, white flour and sugar. Eat, Cooked tomatoes. beets, kale, ginger, turmeric, celery, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, all berries...

Read the Gerner post.

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Look at the Zone Diet. It is an attitude about balanced eating. It is really easy to follow and is recommended by the Wellness Community. The "Zone" is not out of the normal and recommends leafy greens, red plants, and to minimize red meat. Most balanced diets are some variation of the "Zone". The idea is that once a person is eating a balanced diet, then their body will grow more healthy.

I was losing weight through the zone before I was diagnosed with cancer again. Through my doctor's recommendation I have kept on the diet. There is no limit on quantity of food, just the ratios balance of Meat, vegetables, fruit, and carbos. Nothing extreme about this diet. Older editions are similar to the latest edition of the "Zone". Just more recipes in current editions.

Have Fun! mike

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What about Mediterranean diet? google on mayo clinic Mediterranean diet!

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I have to jump in and suggest not to 'limit' the less good foods, but eliminate them completely. People, you are fighting Cancer, not an upset stomach. Go 100% full on - and get yourself recovered and in super fit condition 'then' maybe think about whether you want to indulge in foods that are known to be a risk for Cancer sufferers.

My take is to go vegan and really get your health sorted out, no ifs, no buts. Don't wait for a recurrence. Don't mess about. You are not shopping for Cat food. You need to get everything working properly in your body and especially your immune system. Diet and supplements can do this but you should have a qualified health practitioner to guide you along this path. I use Naturopaths with cancer experience.

There are many good books but the best I found that cut through all the BS is 'The China Study'. If you have Cancer, then you should read it. (you can download on a torrent bit) The large scale statistics and scientific research done by the author Dr. Colin T Campbell out strips anything else I have read or found and after I read it, all the pieces fell into place. There is no fad diet, or scales or calories. The link between animal protein and cancer incidence is fairly stark.

If you are novice, please understand that your Doctor will almost certainly disagree, but you need to understand that your Doctor has not studied nutrition or diet more than you or I, and maybe less. They usually say "Eat a balanced diet, not too much meat...." . The Med diet is very much that, a nice moderate diet and for people with no health issues, in most cases a great diet. The question is if you had cancer, then go through your treatment, do you think it smart to go back to what you were doing before or perhaps it is very good idea to improve your health to the best it possibly can be ?

The best way to picture a new beginning is to give your body ONLY things that are 100% good for it, and absolutely NOTHING that is not good for it. Very simple. Work on improving this as you learn more, find new foods, super foods, and helpful foods.

Do a search google search 'Anti-Angiogenesis' and learn about foods that prevent Cancer tumors developing their own blood supply (without it they don't get to grow). There is a short video on Youtube or ted.com and Dr William Li explains the research. It's only 10 minutes - Watch it.

I made the decision to get better and not get sick again. I simply eliminated 'all' Animal Protein (Meats, poultry, eggs dairy++), all fried foods, nearly all processed foods and all sugars unless they come in fruits naturally. You need as much of the food in raw state as possible. It is a challenge, and there is always temptation but make a pact to try it for 1 year and see how your health changes, then you will be qualified to comment.

I use carefully selected supplements to boost my immune system and vital organ function. I am happy to say it is working very well. I am fitter now than I have ever been and I wasn't ever really unfit, so for me it's doing its thing.

No argument intended, just my take after a high & low search over many years, and then 16 months ago, a sudden jolt of a Cancer diagnosis at 46 years old and just 1 week before my wife was due to give birth to our little boy. 2 kiddies under 3, cancer and I was healthy. That was enough to make me sit up and pay attention. Mine was in the throat. Had surgery, chemo and 70 hits of Radiation. Became very ill, wasted away, hospitalized for 4 weeks +, on tubes. Climbed out of a hell on earth and now 1 year post treatment, I am back in the game 100%. I have a few nasty effects from the treatment but all tolerable and I am alive and living the dream.

I Hope this inspires you to give the good diet a proper run and you get to enjoy the benefits. There is no downside health wise. You have to fight your cancer from all sides, diet and nutrition are a critical part of this fight. Take it seriously.

Best to all

PS I have an exerpt from The China Study on my Blog pages (Click on my name <<<

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Just eat healthy---What is HEALTHY anyway?

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As an ileostomate, fiber is to be avoided. So eating too many
veggies, or attempting to keep a veggie diet, can be disastrous.

We need a certain degree of fat in our diet if we are to live the
way our bodies were made to live. Our bodies were designed
to eat a variety of foods, not limited to any one food type, and
doing so can be detrimental to our health.

It's better to use common sense, and have a well-rounded diet
of all food types. It's best to limit the intake of foods that are
processed, and get back to the basics of cooking our own meals
from "scratch". "Instant dinners" aren't the way to go for good
health, even if the packaging tells you it's the "Healthy Choice".

There's quite a few here that are outliving their prognosis, that
haven't changed a thing regarding their varied diet.

Sometimes we dwell on things that really aren't quite as important
as the basic things we were taught at an early age......

Eat a well rounded diet.

It really is that simple.


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Thanks for this post. I am on your diet as well. I ate "Healthy Choice" meals for years and look where it got me! I just can't jump on board any of these strange diets or anything that requires "juicing". I love food way too much.

Hope all is well with all of you.


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tina dasilva
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I'm a caregiver for my husband who has stage 4 colon and liver cancer i would love to know about the 18 supplemental and also would like to know how he beat the cancer thank you so much for your help hugs Tina

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Ironically, I work for a company that researches the cancer fighting properties of cruciferous vegetables. Scientists at Johns Hopkins have found a compound in broccoli that is a high powered antioxidant and helps to boost the bodies natural phase 2 enzymes. That compound, sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS), has also been found to be 30 to 50 times higher in three day old broccoli sprouts. I have a colostomy and regular broccoli is a no go, but I can eat broccoli sprouts with no problems. Anyway I dont want to sound like a commercial, check out the website if you would like more information.

God Bless

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Kenny H.
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Fresh tomatos and more of em! Grow your own, dont need much space (a 5gal bucket) just full sun.

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Nana b
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Cooked fresh tomatoes are better for you. When you cook them, they release a substance that fights cancer. I eat a balanced meal, but add in green leafy veggies when I can. I eat berries every day with my cereal and soy milk. I eat citrus. I make smoothies with my bullet. I will juice when I can. I avoid red meat. I avoid cooking with oil. I eat veggie soups. I eat salads with cranberries, almonds or walnuts, sun flower seeds, flax seed. I still go out and eat breakfast on the weekends, I have a spinach and tomato white egg omelet with no cheese. A bit of salsa A hot green tea.

So I am not a vegan. I eat grilled or baked chicken. Eat fish when I can. I sauté veggies and almost always add tomatoes. We eat asparagus, broccoli, squash. I add turmeric and Ginger when the dish can take it. I use garlic and onions whenever I can. I use the term whenever I can, because I still cook the same but always think antioxidant. I now eat sweet potatoes and yams instead of regular potatoes.

I take many supplements. I read the china study, the anti cancer book, and watched the Gerson documentary, I feel that I am doing the right method by using all that I have learned and continue to learn.

I have done this since first dx, and hope it continues to work for me.

As you can see, my skin is thriving on this diet!!

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If your cancer is gone and the cause of it no no longer there (environmental or other) then I can undertand people relaxing their diet a little.

BUT - I must say that if we still have cancer active in our bodies or we are still in the unsure stage, then we should take as many actions to stop the cancer living and reproducing right ? (Do I hear a muffled murmer of agreement in the crowd?)

Our bodies, in normal circumstances, can tolerate a lot of abuse: alcohol, tobacco, bad diet, bad air, contaminated water and environment BUT when we get cancer, then all these aspects become more relevant to us. A simple example is a heavy smoker get lung cancer. What should he do ? Cut down to a pack a day ? NOT ! Of course he should give it away and do it immediately. Then they try to fix the cancer. Let's say they do fix him and he cured/in remission. Is is then wise to resume smoking ? Again of course not. (Ah.. another louder 'of course' like murmer)

On the other side, some people smoke heavily all their life and die crossing the road at 92 years old. That is the luck of the draw and as I wrote, some peoples bodies can tolerate the abuse, other can't or we were were just doing the wrong, at the wrong time in the wrong place (or our parents were).

We however are amoung those that got cancer, therefore, like the smoker, we should adjust our behavior accordingly and in my view with some dedication. Maybe your cancer was not related to diet but diet still has an impact on how your body fights off the disease and if it is allowed to create an environment conducive to Cancer progress.

There is ample information about anti-angiogenesis, the negative effect of excess protein, the negative effect of animal protein and other poor dietary choices. You particular circumstances may limit what you can eat (like John .. and me too as I had head & neck and my eating ability has changed due to Radiation damage).

What our parents did, I'm sorry holds little water and except for the 'simplicity' of food preparation (no processed muck)and home grown and cooking part. 'What' they ate was not necessarily optimal, and now that we have all the added complication of the new world to deal with, the content and source of our diet is relatively far more critical.

To see one vegan wither away and die and to watch a mad carnivore eat himself into longevity is not grounds for conclusive evidence that either is right or wrong. The mounting evidence and ever so slow realization that diet is critical and such things as animla fat are in fact bad for us is working it's way onto main stream.

Sadly, if you want a Doctor to talk sense on diet, find one who a) studied nutrition and or b) either has had or has an immediate family member with Cnacer. It is amazing how a Doctors perspective on diet an nutrition change when cancer gets into their own homes.

Here endeth my jab for the day.


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Although a good, well-rounded diet is best for our bodies, and
for our immune system, I can understand the fear of doing things
might make a cancer condition worse.

But does it really matter as much as others feel it might?

My mother smoked three to four packs a day since she was
14 years old (she claimed). She developed lung cancer late in life,
refused to stop smoking in spite of her doctor's orders, and in spite
of her very very bleak prognosis. She continued smoking 3-4 packs
a day, and lived for another 17 years, smoking her way into the
crematorium.... (or should I say "out of" the crematorium....)

My father smoked as much as she did (aside from the second-hand
smoke), and outlived her by three years. He never developed cancer
of any type, and was fairly healthy until his trip to the crematorium.

I smoked, gave it up, smoked, gave it up...etc, etc, from age 12.
My lungs are clean. Aside from colon cancer, I never suffered
any other ills.

I eat fat, and fat with gravy. Never too many veggies... I quit smoking
to help my wife quit smoking back in 2002. It's too expensive now,
so I won't be smoking any more. I drank Bourbon most of my life,
quit for her sake back in the 80s, but resumed drinking in moderation
since my cancer surgery four years ago.

I changed my diet a few months ago, by buying a Champion juicer
and drinking veggies and fruit - and cutting back on fat. I since developed
blockages due to the fiber intake, and apparently, the lack of sufficient
fat to move things as they had been moved previously. Ileostomates are
built differently, and can't do fiber.

Sounds stupid, right? I quit drinking fiber and resumed my fat-full diet, and
the frequency of my blockages are greatly reduced, and.... my bout with
anemia seems to have resolved itself since resuming my "bad" eating habits.

As my friend Kerry says: "what ever floats your boat is what you should do."

I'm a firm believer in listening to one's own body. No, not to those
smell-filled sounds like the ones Kerry makes, but to the inner instincts
that scream to us, to get us to stay alive and well.

If it's what one feels is right for that time, they should go ahead and do it.
Moderation is the key to success. Eliminating things because someone tells
us it's best to eliminate it, is allowing someone else to live our life for us.

We should always keep in mind, that it is not their life they are tampering with,
it is our life.

Sure, there are poisonous things and dangerous Chemicals that
we shouldn't be taking into our body..... Just as there are many
poisonous and dangerous Medicines that we shouldn't be taking
into our body. We know deep inside, that those things are bad for us,
but some of us take them anyway, as obedient patients.

Yet some of us are hell-bent on eliminating the things that are not as
dangerous to us, if they are even dangerous at all.....

Listening to our own body; our own instincts that manage to keep
us alive against all odds, makes more sense, than listening to those
that want us to buy into their idea of "good health".

Wild animals aren't subjected to advertising blitzes from the cash hogs
of the Universe, they use their basic instincts for survival that their
lil' bodies came with..... just as our lil' bodies did... They survive
without pills and drugs... But us... the smarter and more intelligent of
the animal world.....what do we do?

Of course, they have Kerry shooting at them.... but that's another story
for another day....

Stay well, Ya'll..


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I was told that cruciferous vegetables should be minmized while on Chemo, FolFox explicitly. It is ok to have some cruciferous vegetables but apparently they effect the FolFox.

I am sure different foods effect different treatments. I was also told by the dietician that once the FolFox is finished to up my cruciferous vegetable intake.

Have Fun! mike

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Kerry S
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First, I am just an old guy that believes in what ever floats your boat is what you should do. Faith in a mustard seed maybe.

I listen to my body. If my body says it wants it, I will eat it.

I think for a lot of folks that are, shell we say couch type, diet is very important.

For us more active folks that get a lot of outside work and fun, it is not as important.
We were made to be outside in the sun working our butts off.

My body loves meat, potatoes and gravy.


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Nana b
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sigh...me too!

but I don't...... I better get my butt outside to rake leaves. Maybe I can throw a pot roast in a crock pot with a can of cream of mushroom, cook, 6-8 hrs, **** just melts in you mouth!

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I don't have one, I eat what I want when I want it, and here's why. Throughout my cancer ordeal, and it's been an ordeal, I've experience a lot pain as a result of 3 major surgeries, 40 doses of chemo, and 5wks of radiation. But in all that the 3 things I find most joy in are my 8 year son, god I love him, my wife, love her too, and food! I love food and find great pleasure in eating all types! I feel like it's a part of my like the one part of my life that is normal. Life is short, enjoy it while you can...

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Hello there, let me introduce myself, my name is Winter Marie, I'm Stage IV with mets, dx'd February 6th, this year.
Food wise, I eat what the heck I please, without thinking about it. Bring on the red meat, the potatoes, the gravy, get those peas out of my way, they look pretty, all that green, but they aren't to my tastes!!!!
Um, well, that's my food diet against cancer.
The only flushing I've done is after a bowel movement and well of course, you know, the pee pee in the toilet thing.
I'm being flippant, I know, I know, but it's the only way I know to deal with MY cancer, no reason to let it get the best of me, and my lifestyle.
I wish you the best of luck in your new dietary ways, I truly believe to each their own, my daughter just did this cleansing thingie, of which I'm like, OMG are you really my daughter?? attitude, because No way, would you ever catch me doing that. (OMG, I just saw a lot of California attitude there!!! I've lived here way to long apparently).
I'm going to live my cancer ridden life, the best I can, without saying goodbye to the things I love. It was the roll of the dice I got cancer, it'll be the roll of the dice, my chemo, my onc and my surgeries as to why I get to say (in my mind)
goodbye to it.
To each of us, our own minds dictate our own hopes for NED. Mine is to look cancer in the face and raise my middle finger to it. To other's it's to pray, or to change diet, do coffee enemas, pray to their "Beings" (I pray to my supreme being), to their Gods, to fall on knees, to beg (done that, been there)all for the sake of ridding us of our cancer.
In the end, it's a crap shoot, and the best we can say is, we did what we thought was right, we tried, Lord knows, we tried. That's it, simply that's it, "we tried".
And Bobby, I want to let you know, the former preacher woman in me, loves your attitude, let nothing shake your faith, it's what you have, it's what you fight with, it's what will let you win, should that be. It's just not necessarily my world any more.
I wish you so much the best, you go there, you be that, you be you.
Proud to know you.
Winter Marie

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All my healthy living, diet and lifestyle before didn't keep colon cancer away so, how am I to promote it for helping to cure it? Since I've have nothing but trouble keeping my weight on, I'm lucky to get anything into me and if it's considered unhealthy then that's usually what actually works for me at this time. I'm hoping that sometime in the future I can go back to a healthy diet. Right now I just eat whatever.

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