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6 years ago, this week.....

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The day after Thanksgiving, to be exact....

I was told those 3 words, and told I had about 6 months to live. "Get your affairs in order", "Say goodbye to your loved ones"...all of that....

Not only did I survive that first cancer (rectal) but, at 6 months, started treatment for the second (breast) that they had found to which they "Wouldn't start treating until after I survived treatment for the rectal".

Needless to say, I missed the e-mail...or the significance...or whatever, and I am clean from both cancers!!! I thank all of my family here, as well as some wonderfully supportive friends who helped me thru my journey. (2 weeks after hearing the news, my beau's dad died in The Netherlands, and he needed to leave me to help his berift mother).

It seemed impossible sometimes! I lost 65 pounds (have since gained it back..lol), my hair, the entire lower part of my plumbing, all of my 'female parts', part of my left breast, the ability to 'use' my 'special' arm, my bone density (still osteoporotic).

BUT I gave it my best shot, got mad at the beast, listened to my treatment team, and treated my body as a warm, sick old friend...and here I am!!!

BIG hugs! Kathi

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Just goes to show that nobody on earth knows our expire date. Congratulations on persevering.

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Congratulations, my friend! And so much you have given back to this community since!

Take care and enjoy the holidays.

(Slow down!)


New Flower
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you have been a wonderful story and exceptional friend. Congratulations!!!
New Flower

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You're an inspiration and know how to truly endure. Don't give up but give it your all and nver let the beast conquer over your life.

Many of us have enough issues enduring 1 cancer and you can say 2 cancers you've walked away from.


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I remember the 6 year survivor mark with the 'bad' lymphoma I had and here I am 23 years later and you will be too.

Happy 6th, now onwards to 23 for you and more.


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Christmas Girl
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But nonetheless heartfelt congratuations, Kathi!

Kind regards, Susan

P.S.: I'm thinking I posted congrats maybe somewhere else, too?!? Can I blame chemo brain?!?

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