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Back from Dermatologist.... bad..and good

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Well....the spot was cancer. HOWEVER.... it was basal cell and all on the surface. So doc cut it out and burned it. He said it will not even leave a scar. Good thing cause it's about the size of a dime..and ugly!!! Doc siad good thing I did not wait til February to see other doc because by then it would have spread more. This type of tumor spreads wide...not usually deep...but can involve a lot of area if let go. Doc said last year he removed one on a guys back the size of a plate!!! yuk!! Numbness is wearing off now and its getting a little sore but thats nothing. I am SOOOOO relieved that it was taken care of that easily. Thank you ron50 for your post about your experience with skin cancer. You are 110% correct. If any of you have any suspicious spots..anywhere...do not let them go...please get them checked out...even if just for peace of mind. LoriS...thanks for thinking about me today...u a sweetheart! thank you all...as always for being family...Love ya all!!!


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Throwing confetti for Jennie. Is there any follow up you have to do?

I'm happy it was taken care of easily.

Take care - Tina

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Good to see you!! I will follow up every 3 months just so doc can continually keep a check on me. He checked my entire body for any signs of anything on my skin.... great doc! I just feel so good that something was so easy..YAY!!!


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well.......lm plenty of spots every where especially in my baldy head ( I just discover it when l get shaved) I must go to the dematologist but... well i will pay attention to you and will go soon or at least l will do my best to go....

Take care!

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wow Jennie....good for you for acting on that so quickly. So glad that is was easily removed


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So glad you went and got it taken care of.

Guess it only goes to show that we must be ever watchful and take care of things early.


Marie who loves kitties

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Glad to hear there was an easy remedy for it. Sometimes you just need to get in before there next appointment. I'd go someplace else if need be. Determatologists always seem to take forever to get into.


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Fantastic that you went!!! Wonderful you got it early, and thanks for reminding us to be on the look out.
Winter Marie

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That is really good news jen now it is one thing you don't have to worry about. My wife sue sees a skin specialist every six months and gets the once over. The good thing about seeing a specialist is that he uses a specialised surgery where he biopsies after cut . If he does not get clear margins he keeps going till he does. The one time she went to a gp clinic they removed a spot on her neck(mouth level) four operations later they finally got clear margins near her collar bone. Hugs Ron.

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....you're like an "old used car" - always up on some mechanic's rack:)


Get better, darlin'


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Can I be "pre-owned" instead??? ..... and can the mechanic be on MY rack...LOLOLOLOLOL!!!


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...well, when you put it that way, you can have anything that your heart desires:)

I guess you really are a "vintage model" after all...as for the mechanic and your rack, I'll close my eyes and leave you two in private....LOL LOL!!

Then, I'll see you at the Cabo, they are going out of b'ness since we left town, LOL:) Our patio table is waiting, just sitting empty:)

Was really great to see you again - you're a happenin' sugar mama:)


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I am so glad you went + had this looked at + they took care of it so quickly. Good work!

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Good job of looking out for yourself! And you have helped me decide I REALLY need to get my spots looked at. Glad it worked out so well for you!


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I am so glad to hear that this was caught early. Waiting until Feb. could have been a problem. Ima sending you a thumbs up for getting this taken care of.

Thumbs Up

PS ... hope Chuck is still recovering on schedule.

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