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Sharing of a poem written by eric38

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Joined: Nov 2010

Thought that I would share eric38' Turkey Poem (Just a little humor for Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving Turkey

Leonard was a turkey of the friendly kind, everyone was trustworthy in Leonard's turkey mind. He lived with his family until one fateful day a farmer came and took Leonard the trusting turkey away. Leonard was leary at first but the farmer fed him all that he desired, so he befriended the man and of eating never tired. Everytime he ate his fill he thanked the Lord with glee but what the farmer had in store poor Leonard couldn't see. Two months later the farmer came with a smile on his face and took the trusting turkey to an unfamiliar place. He introduced Leonard to the old wooden shed and when leonard gobbled his "Howdy do" the farmer chopped off his head. Then the farmer gutted Leonard and threw him in the stove and decided he needed stuffing, so off to town he drove. On the way to town his truck blew a tire and by the time he got back home Leonard was on fire. The farmer ran to the oven and put out the flaming heat but it was way too late, Leonard was charcoaled meat.

So, be choosy when you pick your friends, make sure their trust is earned. Don't ever do what Leonard did or you'll end up getting burned.

Eric Harvey
September 1997

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Thank you for sharing more of Eric with us.
This reminded me of the day I took "George" my favorite hog to the auction house over 20 years ago.
How wonderful to have these memories of Eric to share with us.
Thank you.
Winter Marie

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wow...that was great...thank you!


nudgie's picture
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Joined: Sep 2006

enjoyed. Brought a big smile to my face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous user (not verified)

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Posts: 827
Joined: Jan 2010

Thank you so much for posting this poem. It really made my day!


geotina's picture
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Joined: Oct 2009

Thank you for sharing that. Reads like a so typical Eric post.

How is your family doing?

Take care - Tina

Annabelle41415's picture
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Joined: Feb 2009

Can just see him smiling as he is writing this. Wow he is missed so much. Happy Thanksgiving Eric :)


Crow71's picture
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Joined: Jan 2010

I've been a bit down lately. Just the other day I was wishing to see a funny post from Eric to cheer me up. And here it is.
Thanks - Roger

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For sharing that

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I don't know if you will ever fully realize how much this post means to us here. We miss Eric + his humour so much. This is a great poem, + there is so much truth in his message at the end. Eric was truly a talent. Thanks so much! p.s. Are you Eric's Mom?

luv3jay's picture
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Joined: May 2009

LOL! I love it. Thank you for sharing.

Sundanceh's picture
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Joined: Jun 2009

Is this you?

If it is, you are everybody's angel here as well:)

Was good to see you and Eric and your sister when Jennie and I came by the house. I'm still so sorry for all that has happened. I got to know Eric in some of our conversations before he got too ill.

I found he always used humor and it was his calling card; however, I also found when I dug just a little bit deeper below the surface, I found an interesting, insightful soul underneath. A treasure to be sure to be so dialed in at a young age.

Thinking of all of you!


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It was a wonderful poem,thank you for sharing.I HATE CANCER.

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That's so wonderful! It makes me smile to think of Eric and that lovely sense of humor. I am thankful I got to know him.


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