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Interfron 1 yr out have trouble

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I just a few week out from 1 year form finishing Interferon (Sept) . I did the full year with out stopping or adjusting my dose.

I started walking at the Y and was back on my feet in 4 months and started back to work (Jan) I all but back to full strength when around April Developed a cough (got a CT in May it was fine). I stared lost energy and strength, I'm also Developing increasing abdominal discomfort.

I been to my PCP many time in the last 3 month and had one trip to the ER. They have no answers.

I starting to feel like I'm back on Interferon. Hot Flash, Shortness of Breath, fatigue, abdominal discomfort.

I seen my oncologist in 2 days.

Has any one else had these issues after Interferon? I feel like I'm losing ground.

thanks for listening.

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Hi, I just posted a similar question myself. I finished my interferon therapy almost 2 1/2 years ago. I still have headaches daily and I also have a few of the other side effects as well. Like you, some days I feel like I am still on the interferon. I have been to the dr more these last 2 years than i have the rest of my life combined.

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