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possible lung cancer

tessie51 Member Posts: 1
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Hi, I have been on this site in the past as I was going through breast cancer, mastectomy and chemo-12/06-06/07. I have been off chemo since 07 and have had no reoccurance of breast cancer. I did have pre-cancer cells found in my thyroid and had surgery in 2008 with no chemo needed. In October of this year, along with my annual mammogram, I had a chest x-ray, expecting good results but my Oncologist told me there is 'something' on my lungs and did a ct scan on November 10.2010. I will get the results tomorrow when I go back to my Oncologist. I smoked, very little, for maybe 20 years, off and on, but haven't smoked at all for about 10 years now but I was around a lot of 'second-hand' smoke. I'm really nervous about what my onco will say tomorrow but I know God is in control. It has been encouraging reading these posts of people that have been diagnosed with lung cancer and are still going strong. Thanks for listening and all the prayers that I know will go up. I will let you know tomorrow what the results are. Hopefully, there will be no cancer.


  • mom_of_2
    mom_of_2 Member Posts: 30
    Best wishes and prayers for
    Best wishes and prayers for you.
  • catcon49
    catcon49 Member Posts: 398
    mom_of_2 said:

    Best wishes and prayers for
    Best wishes and prayers for you.

    Try to stay calm. Just because something showed up on xray does not mean it is cancer. Stay strong and positive. Let us know how you make out with the results.
  • trft
    trft Member Posts: 48
    something and maybe cancer
    Good luck tessie.
  • Miss Bella
    Miss Bella Member Posts: 19
    You have been through a lot.
    You have been through a lot. I hope this round will show "NO CANCER".
    Smoker or not, the sad truth is that if you have lungs, you can get lung cancer.