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I had a brain scan this morning

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Kerry S
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Well my cyber friends, I had a problem this week. Monday and Tuesday I had episodes of being mentally out of it for about 5 minutes. One each day. I had a brain scan this morning and I now have a cancer tumor in the brain that is 2cm X 2cm. I don’t know yet if it is operable. The scary old woman just left to pick up some meds they say will take the swelling out of it. That should keep me from getting nutty. The one thing I do know is deer season is only 3 days away. I hope God lets me get one big *** buck!

Cancer sucks big time.


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Wow, Kerry- yes cancer does suck big time. I'm so sorry.
Definitely look into cyberknife and/or gamma knife before surgery.
My neighbor had a brain tumor treated with gamma knife (a type of radiation) about 4 or 5 yrs ago. Then, it came back about 6 months ago. This time, her doctors treated it with cyberknife. With gamma knife, she had a metal halo screwed into her skull during the treatment. With cyberknife, she didn't have anything invasive at all in her head or skull. I think they created a skullmask that she put on and which held her still during the treatments. She had a total of 3 treatments. Follow up scan showed the tumor gone. Sorry, I don't know how large hers was. She also has/had colorectal cancer.

Best wishes in finding a solution and my prayers will be with you.


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that deer , not only this year but the other and the other and the other.......In my radiotherapy there are lots of people with brain tumors and they look gorgeous ! As per l see is quite controllable with radio!
Hugs and praying for you!

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Kerry S
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Thanks Lisa darlin,

That’s good info. I need to wait to see what my STL doc says about this. Had the scan down here in the country hospital. I went to the brain cancer board. Bummer.

Once I get info, I can make the call on what to do. I do know - You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run. At this point I think I be taking my new log splitter back.


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You are going to need that new log splitter to cut firewood for years to come! Please get after this one like the others and getter done. Like so many here and your sweet princess, we're counting on you.

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So sorry to hear this news. Hopefully they can get it all with some type of treatment. Think you would really enjoy getting one huge deer this year and hope you do.


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this is crappy news....how many times do we have to say!!!!!! " cancer take a break"

hope you get hunting


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Well, Kerry

We've never spoken too much although I do keep up with your story and do keep up with what you have going on.

This was a real downer to read about and I'm sure despite all the bravado, you are most understandbly, concerned at this result. Lisa is right about the Gamma and Cyber knive(s) - those are most certainly viable options to consider.

That's a good sized tumor for the brain, as I've been told there is not a lot of wiggle room up there before you started feeling some effects. Thus, your "out of it" states on each day.

I know we all await any news that you have from this - and just personally, I'm pulling for you to make it through this.


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I agree, Cancer Sucks!
Keeping you in my prayers.

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Damn! My heart just sank a little when I read this. Yep, cancer sure does suck. Keep us posted on what is going on and of course I will send out some good vibes so that you have a good deer season. Oh yea, and prayers for you to get that damn brain tumor and kill its arse. too.

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Hey Kerry,

I just remembered that it's not only my neighbor who recently had cyberknife on a brain tumor, but I also know of someone else who had it on a colorectal brain met tumor.
Both of these gals have had great results with the cyberknife, with no need to cut open the ole noggin for surgery. Cyberknife has far less risks than open brain surgery- please do look into it and see where your nearest cyberknife centers are.
I'm having a cyberknife evaluation on Monday for my recurrent rectal tumor and for the lung tumor that's grown. I know that's different than dealing with the brain, but they definitely do that too. Also- my insurance, which is an HMO, is paying for the cyberknife evaluation without a problem.

Take care-

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I'm so sorry for your news. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Linda and Ellie

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All I can think of to say is "Dammit".I am so Po'd at this crap called cancer.

Look Kerry, I need you, the board needs you, so be sweet and do everything the scary old woman tells you to do. Ya' hear? And yes, I am asking for the biggest, baddest *** buck in the country to present itself to you.

As always, so many words left unsaid/unspoken.


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Like everyone else here I am sorry for this news. Once you have all your treatment options laid out + know what you are doing things will hopefully be a little easier. One of my neighbours just recently told me her 80+ year old Dad had a brain tumour (primary) a few years ago. I think he was treated by radiation (I know no chemo) + his tumour is completely gone. Apparently her Mom also gave the Dad a lot of natural supplements as well. She said he is doing really well. I don't know if you are a reader, but I found the Lance Armstrong book really inspiring. He had mets to his brain from his primary lung cancer + he is doing fantastic. heck, he just had another baby. We all care about you so much, sorry you and The Lovely Woman have this to deal with. God help those animals in 3 days!

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Damn it man, I hate this stuff. Go out to the woods and take out your frustration on those deer. Well, you are back in the fight and with your fighting spirit, fight you will. Lots is being done with radiation so listen to those who have already posted and are knowledgable about it.

Regroup, get your medical team moving on this and kiss and hold that scary old woman!

Hugs Tina

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Like everyone else I'm sorry you got bad news, but if anyone can beat this monster you can. Every time I read your posts I always laugh you have the best out look!!!

Keep on fighting.


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Iam so sorry about your news. I hope you get a big buck, I haven't had vension since my dad died, love the stuff. Keep up the fight.

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Kerry S
Posts: 607
Joined: Dec 2009

Thank you all for the encouragement and love. You all were a big help to me today.

Update – scary old woman says I have to keep the log splitter and damn well use it.

Also, I have now learned that brain cancer trumps chemo brain for getting out of trouble or getting anything you want. The fight is on. I be in the kick *** mode.


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I almost said in my previous thread "keep the damn splitter"! But I didn't want to sound too bossy! WMAW can do it + get away with. A friend of my husband who has had cancer as well as his wife has said right at the beginning of my diagnosis "Always make plans to look forward". I try to follow his advice - we have done work around the house etc., try to have some social plans etc. Plus you did promise your lovely lady some small logs for burning.

I am glad you gave me another chance to post because I forgot to say in the previous one, "I HATE CANCER TOO! I am glad you are in the kick *** mode, but I will try to stay on your good side!

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I've used the cancer card in my time, but you take all the bows!!!!

I always have you on my discussion list with the 'big guy'....but you rise to the top!!!!

You get 'em, partner!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hell yeah you have to keep the splitter.
Yer my hero and I'd really appreciate you stickin' around.

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Cancer does suck. Soooooo much! I am terribly sorry about this news. I hope and pray it is operable. Thinking and praying for you and your lovely lady.


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You got a darn good Cyberknife facility right there in your hood... SLU! Thats where I got mine done and they boast of awesome brains tumor ZAPS! Please keep this on your option plate. Also..... if ya need help field dressin that buck just gimme a call. Can't smell no worse than these dang farts!!!! LOL.... Love ya!


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You know, we always look forward to your posts, they often make us laugh right out loud, but this one kind of stunned us. We'll be praying that the good doctors can remove that nasty tumor with the cyberknife. Now, go out and get that big buck on Saturday!!! Love and Hugs, Cynthia

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Dear Kerry,

Sorry to hear that the news you got was not good. These folks have given you lots of good food for thought to talk with your doc about.

Get you a hunting buddy, just for company, and bring back a big one. One way to be sure of having good aim is to picture that cancer thru the sight and blast it.

You know we all love ya and are rooting for best things possible for you.

and as a wise man has said on here many times...Attitude Attitude Attitude!


Marie who loves kitties

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You know me, between you, me, Phil, Craig, and Eric (God rest his soul) and more I haven't mentioned when this comes to past there are a few of us that don't take no for an answer. Seems like the scary young woman ( did you catch that suckup remark) has the same idea that we do....You get rid of the log splitter and the other log splitter goes too....Nope, ain't gonna happen. You ain't gettin out that easy. You kick my *** and I'll kick yours. I had this last tumor in the lung come up I thought oooooo sheeiitt this is it.....Nope, its gone, and we start all over. Same with the tumor in the ole noggin..Kerry, we had a kid here that got shot by one of his friends in a hunting accident, in the head, it didn't look good at all for him, now, hes a bright young man back in school...So Mr Kerry, Supremo Hunter of Deer, I suggest that you get busy with the task at hand, but just prior to that, you have a deer to harvest, and wood to cut....

BTW, is your chain saw sharp and ready ? and is your wood down already and easily accessible ?

Just because its a brain tumor....does that mean that because its in a hard shell that its any harder to get to than any other tumor....No, it doesn't.....and the removal of it will allow the space to be reoccupied with more of whats suppose to be there (which in our case is bullchit) ..So, its simply a matter of removal...thats it.

My brother in law has a scar all along his frontal hairline ...He had a brain tumor that was causing him to not remember what he was trying to do at times...They removed it and he is fine now...It was in the frontal lobe and he is absolutely fine now...

OK, kill the deer..post some pics of it..and then lets work on the head, and the wood....Love ya bud, Buzz

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Oh, no! This is NOT news we want to hear. Tell the scary old woman to give you a huge hug for me.

Praying for a wonderful answer to this latest ugliness!


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Oh the man that makes me laugh!! Between you and Buzz, my world is a most humorous one.
Go kill that buck, 10 pointer at least, eh???
Gosh, I love your scary old woman!!!! She's right, you keep that log splitter, you have a lot of use for it still left in you my friend!!!
I wept when I read this, but then I ended up smiling, knowing you'll get your venison, and with the new technology, you'll beat this newest upstart of cancer.
Cancer sucks big time for sure!!
And when you told your wife that the meds should keep you from getting nutty? What exactly did she reply?? LOL.
Love ya Kerry,
Winter Marie

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Kerry I am so sad to hear of this new news. I think you should just keep the log splitter and give lesson to young men and women on how to use it. While you do that you could teach them how you keep laughing and loving and never allow giving up! We all need you Kerry! You keep fighting, please!! Jean

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I am so sorry to read this tonight. You are in my prayers.

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Nana b
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Yes, please do kick arse, I got your back!!

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I don't agree with hunting, but darn it you are so sweet and funny that I think you should get the biggest deer you can find. I'm so sorry about the cancer spreading to your brain, I hope they can remove it. You and your lovely wife :0) are in my thoughts and prayers.


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ok first, please don't post any pictures of dead deers.

Sorry you are having to go through this Kerry. At this stage, there is absolutely no point in taking back the wood chipper thing. (sorry, I am a city girl, not really sure what that is?) No matter what, there are still days to enjoy and times to live. So look to that deer, the crisp fall air, stomping through the woods. The next day will then be plenty time to worry :)

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I hope it's something they can work with. As far as the deer goes, do what someone by me did. Hit one with your car then cut it's head off and leave the body on the side of the road for everyone to enjoy!
Some moron actually did that. It had to have been a buck or they would not have beheaded it. When I stopped at the local police station, the cop actually told me that since it was on such and such road that it was "not in our jurisdiction".
If it was a severed donut they would have been there.

Hang in there, be nice to your little lady....

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Kerry, for once, I'm speechless. I am so sorry to hear this.

I'm glad your lovely bride told you to keep the log splitter because you just got it... you'll need to use it for years to come. Bag a bigazz buck and then we'll celebrate. Deal?

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Don't you dare take that log splitter back! This will not beat you down, and you aree going to need it for years to come! Come on, get your feisty back Mister!!!!!


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Well Kerry! You have the fighting spirit so that is one good sign! My thoughts are with you as you find which treatment will be right for you in knocking this thing out...just like that deer that's waiting on you!


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The one thing I have learned from this whole experience is to not give up. Everytime we get horrible news and think we are done for some new procedure or medicine comes along that gives us alittle more hope.


Wishing you the best of luck

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I bet they found that the part of the brain that creates humor was larger than usual too! You always have such an incredible sense of humor no matter what you are going through.

I'm so sorry to hear about the tumor. I hope that nanoknife or cyberknife or something will be a good option for you to get that sucker out!

Get yourself a trophy tomorrow and make yourself some jerky!

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I'm in your corner with ya. Thinking about you and hoping that this thing will come out soon, one way or another.
In the Light,

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continue my prayers and let us know if you catch that big *** buck :) Want pictures

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I'm very sorry to hear this news.

As someone who has had lung mets and now has bone mets, I've been thinking.....some of these mets SOUND very scary. (Not like our original diagnosis wasn't scary!!!). But, we try to overcome that fear (or at least try to keep it at bay) -- and do what needs to be done -- find the best possible docs/treatment plan. There are brilliant brain surgeons/radiologists out there who deal with these things all the time and are GOOD -- GREAT -- at what they doing double lung transplants -- i was like a bread and butter case for him.

Thinking of you -- sending love and best wishes your way, friend.

Get that buck -- this year and the next and the next


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I agree...Cancer sucks BIG TIME!! Deer season is one day away and the weather here has been unseasonably warm. I hope you enjoy the log splitter and deer hunting for many years to come. It sounds like a few of the people on the board know of some good options for you. Brain surgery=good option. It is amazing how perspectives change. Kerry, I love your attitude and enjoy reading your posts. I will keep you in my prayers.

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