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Tomorrow I go for my first CT Scan since I finished chemo and radiation, needless to say I'm anxious about what the results will be. The Drs seem to think the treatment was successful but I won't believe anything until they tell me what the scan results are. I know everyone here goes through this at one point or another so I just wanted to tell some people who understand. Family and friends are well meaning but they don't understand the fear of having gone through chemo and radiation and still having the problem you started with. I believe we made progress but until I know it for sure I won't rest. Thanks for reading, I just needed to get this off my chest.


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Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you Sue. Good vibes headed your way!

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Good Luck to you Sue, I will also have my fingers and toes crossed. I don't have my scan until 1-18-11. I have you in my thoughts and prayers. Lori

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Hi Sue,
We know how it feels.
The counting days until the scan and then the waiting for the results. You are right that family can be supportive but I found that most folks are kind of glib with "Oh, everything will be fine, don't worry" . A lot of that has to do with them wanting everything to be alright and giving us the very clear message that they do not even want to think about, let alone discuss the possibility that things might not be good. That is a possibility that hurts them too much to even consider.
But we all know the possibilities and deal every day (on some level) with the fact that we have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. It colors the time that we spend alone and the time we share with others. It impacts our decisions whether we admit to it or not (no, I will not put off that visit,that road trip, even that lunch date) .
Being told you have cancer changes you. In the time it took for the doctor to say those words, our lives were forever changed. Our outlook on our lives and how they will be lived, changed forever. Waiting to hear if the cancer is receding or progressing or is by some stroke of wonder not seen any more is excruciating and we all know it and we all share this time with you and reassure you that whatever the results we will be with you.

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Good luck tomorrow. Best wishes to you.


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Hi Sue, Heres hoping on a clear ct-scan tomorrow. I have my next one Dec.6th, now 2 years since last treatments and still plenty of anxiety. Will say prayers everything is clear for you........ Dan

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you are in my prayers

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my thoughts and prayers our with you. be postive always.

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Yes I know...my chemo ended yesterday 22 weeks, 1x/week and 35 weeks of monday-friday radiation ended a bit ago.

CT/PET is Nov. 22nd. last scan 2-3 months ago showed 60% reduction in main right lung tumor, but no change in middle chest lymph nodes. They beefed-up chemo 20% for about the remaining 6 weeks.

We will see come review of scan !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scanxiety slowing entering my mind !!! but not too bad. It is what it is, I just pray to be able to handle the situation either way with grace.My Fathers chemo ended yesterday as well!, but my mom now has to have brain surgery for a 1" benign tumor on her left side of brain. Been a challenging year for 2010 !!!!
After my scan results, I am going to get a 2nd opinion either way. Recently I have found another doctor at Josephine Ford,Henry Ford Hospital, who specializes in lung cancers e but is also chief of oncology at this hospital system.

Thanx and best wishes on your scan.


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Thanks everyone for the good thoughts, I had the scan ( took em 3 tries to find a vein to shoot the dye into) but I won't get the results til Monday because I let my oncologist send me to the lab instead of the hospital where the radiologist ( I had an appt. with him yesterday) could have read it for me yesterday. Guess I'll know better next time. I wanted to tell you about what happened after we left the lab...I think there are angels among us.

Larry and I went to get some breakfast at Dunkin Donuts because I couldn't eat or drink anything before the scan. Iced tea was sounding very good to me about then. So we're on line and there's a woman in front of us and she turns around and looks at my bald head and says " I hope you don't mind my asking, are you in recovery?" I said "well I was just at the lab to find that out but I won't know for a few days." She said " I'm in recovery too, I think you're going to be fine." I said " thank you" . Anyway we order our things and the only table is next to this woman , so I sit next to her and she says " I hope I didn't bother you mentioning cancer but I know miracles happen because they happened to me" I told her no it was fine, actually it's nice to meet people who have survived and are so positive. She said " I was given 6 months to live 3 years ago, I have leukemia." I told her about my cancer and how lucky I was it hadn't spread and she said : "All I can say to you is miracles happen " and she asked my first name . She said she would pray for me and she wouldn't forget because I was going to be OK.
So I'm sitting in the darn Dunkin Donuts crying my eyes out knowing that she wasn't just a cancer survivor but someone sent to make me feel better when I was so stressed about the test and what the future is going to hold. God does funny things sometimes, gotta love him!

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Loved hearing your story... a kind and loving father who works in mysterious ways.

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There are definitely Angels among us. Whether or not we are open to them. Try to stay calm until Monday, I know it is hard. But believe what your angel said. I will remember you in my prayers. Good luck God Bless

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