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Mom in hospital getting induction chemo for AML

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She also has multiple myeloma, got a BMT 2 years ago, it came back, then she got myelodysplasia which turned into AML. She has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now- She finished her first round of seven day chemotherapy last week and now is in the ICU with high blood pressure, trouble breathing, severe mouth sores, deleriois at times, getting continous blood and platelet transfusions, and increased bilirubin but other liver enzymes normal and liver ultrasound ok- if anyone can share anything it would be greatly appreciated. I am 24, live at home still, and terrified is an understatement to how I'm feeling right now. Only positive responses please. Be real with me but please be tasteful.
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I am sorry I don't have any information about your situation. Just please know I am thinking of you and know about the terrified feeling. My husband has CLL (watch and wait) and has also been treated twice for head and neck cancer. Terrified is a very familiar feeling. Just know you are not alone and I wish you, your mom and the rest of your family my very best.


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