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continued mouth issues

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22 months since chemo ended, quickly approaching the 2 year mark! yeahhhh
NED for 2 years 5 months
Have an oncologist visit coming up in Dec, I am not on anything other than vitamin D and calicum

For reference- I had ungodly mouth issues on chemo- was hospitalized for a week at one point because mouth was swollen shut. I was on a morphine mouthwash for months and months. Not really SORES, just HURT

So I have been ok since chemo ended. Finding that new normal I guess. One of those things, just dawning on me several weeks ago, is continued mouth issues. At one point a week ago, the taste in my mouth was so chemo, like something had died in there. I also have noticed blood when I spit out toothpaste, like my gums are irritated. That has been going on for over 2 years, but just noticed this past week, when I brush the roof of my mouth, gentle of course, spitting blood. Like my mouth has never healed. Actually went to the dentist last summer and they were surprised at how GOOD my mouth looked. Considering. The other issue- I still can not tolerate food or fluid that is hot in temp or spicy- it HURTS the inside of my mouth. Even a diet coke that is cold is a no no, it is like the carbonation is acid in my mouth.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to get through this.


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Patteee, I am happy for you that you continue to dance with NED. I am sorry for the mouth issues but I am no help as I am still in treatment.

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Hi Pattee, I have been off chemo for a while as I am doing clinical trials and am only on an inhibitor. I have never had mouth sores, but my mouth is sensitive to carbination. To take a drink of a soda is often painful. I have also noticed that foods like hot sauce or salsa tend to make my mouth burn, where as before, I loved hot foods. I am happy that you are NED! Hang in there. This chemo is so hard on us, I wish it was as hard on the cancer!!
It sounds like you are working with the docs and they are aware of the situation. Probably time is the answer! Best to you. Jean

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