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Bowel Obstruction Again

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Damn these bowel obstructions really aren't fun. I started feeling bad after dinner Thursday, an hour or so later the excrutiating pain set in. Was up and down all night and skipped work on Friday. Slept as much as I could and started to pass gas and stool into bag about 11 a.m. Went to see doc yesterday and was sent to urgent care, they say I am still obstructed and wanted me to stay in hospital overnite for observation. I politely declined and explained I could not eat at home just fine.

So here I am at home and feeling fine, have to go back in later today for a recheck. The thing that has me worried is, I really haven't been feeling well the last 6 or 7 weeks. I just had a CT scan last Friday and am waiting for the results. I also have a PET scan on the 15th, just hoping the obstuction isn't the cancer coming back. Sorry for whining, just needed to get this off my chest.


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I know that's hard, it's hard on all of us. I don't know much about bowel obstructions, so I can't help you there. Hopefully your CT Scan and PET Scan will reveal nothing. Go out and do something, even if it's just in your yard. Pull some weeds, we've got plenty! Take care, you're in our thoughts. Keep us posted, Traci

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I went for almost four years without a blockage, and now
I've had five within 3 months.

I have an ileostomy, but they can occur after any abdominal surgery.

They're usually caused by hernias or adhesions. Both of those
can keep the intestines from "floating" freely within the abdominal
cavity. When the intestine can't flex, it will twist or kink, and
that's where you get that lousy blockage.

Surgery will do that.... it's all the poking around in there, that
bruises the intestines and other neat squishy things. The bruised
areas try to "heal" and mend, and stick to other things that they
shouldn't oughta' be sticking to... ya'know?

Most of us that go through this crapola, have found ways to relieve
the obstruction ourselves. You can try massaging different areas
around the stoma, the belly, under the rib cage, etc.

I found that lying on my left side, or almost flat down on my
stomach, will sometimes start the gas flow process. Massaging
various areas will produce gurgling sounds, followed by the
filling of the pouch and the relief of the pressure inside me.

It's a matter of experimentation; you'll have to figure out what spot
to press on, that will start the process. If you can manage to find
the spot where the intestine is "hung up", you can often relieve the
kink quickly.

Once you've had abdominal surgery, you're forever prey to the
intestinal blockages. Things will move to where they don't belong,
and there just isn't too much you can do to stop that from happening.

Sometimes it's lifting the wrong way, or lifting too much weight,
sometimes a cough or sneeze, or sometimes it's just age....
and sometimes.... nothing is the immediate cause.... It's just
that adhesion or hernia that's finally keeping the intestine from
doing what it should.

Oh.... and surgery to "fix" an adhesion or hernia usually produces
more adhesions and hernias.... so try to manage this yourself, as
most of us have, until it gets so bad that you absolutely have to
get something done.

Me? I'm checking with a few surgeons next week (maybe). My
condition is becoming really annoying. I can't eat soup without pain.
I have gas all the time, pain 80% of the time, and I've become afraid
to eat anything. I fear more surgery, but there's a limit to how much
anyone can put up with. I truly hope you don't get this bad.

As far as cancer being the cause? Well..... if you have had abdominal
surgery, the chances are slim; the blockages, 95% of the time, are
caused by adhesions and hernias.

Welcome to the club!

Better health wishes for you!


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I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

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Hope you feel better right now!
Send you my best vibes for a successful scan and PET, I will pray for it!
Best from here !

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"I politely declined and explained I could not eat at home just fine."

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Sorry this is happening to you. It doesn't sound like fun, + waiting for results is not fun either. Traci gave some good advice, do something to get your mind off it if you can.

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I am sorry that you are dealing with this again. I know how painful it is. You have my empathy with this one.

I've developed a heck of a parastomal hernia and then another one just to the side of that and things get really kinked up if I don't follow a pretty strict routine with when, what and how I eat and supplement. Now with starting chemo it has thrown a wrench into everything and I'm playing around with it all over again. UGH Hate that feeling when everything's gurgling, grumbling, twisting and seems it's going to explode and that pain. Holy S**t! (literally) There have been times when I've been right on the verge of going to the ER as I just didn't think I could take anymore.

I do hope that it is just an obstruction and nothing else for you. Not that I'd wish an obstruction on anyone but, you know what I mean. Remember the good ole days when a stomach ache was just a stomach ache? I will be sending you out some good vibes for great results on your scans. HUGS

P.S. John, I feel for you too! I do those funny contortions. I hope you get some relief for yours also and will be sending some good vibes for you.

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9 obstructions by my last count. One bad enough to be hospitalized and surgery followed.

But, for the others, I took a page from their book: Drank fluids (to stay hydrated), and walked and walked...pushed like having a BM thru a spasm...lol...my childbirth training from 2 kids really helped on this...

I HATE NG tubes!!! Even the doctors hate them...lol...NEVER want another if I can help it!!! But, I agree with John...it's more likely to happen after any abdominal surgery (even C-section patients can get them). The bowel HATES to be messed with!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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So sorry that you aren't feeling well. Hoping that you get some relief soon. Good luck on the upcoming scan.


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Traci,John,Anne,Pepe,Lori,Kathi & Kim

Thanks for all the words of encouragement and wisdom. I am feeling better now. I just got back from my follow up visit in urgent care. Doc still wanted me in the hospital, but I declined. When I explained why she was okay with it, surprised me since at the beginning of the visit she said I would have to sign a paper about being released against Docs orders.

I explained how I have learned more and gotten better advice from my fellow semi colons. She seemed genuinely interested. Any how I will be on clear liquids only for the next couple of days and doing some walking to get things moving along. Then I need to follow up with Onc or PCP in the next couple of days. Really do appreciate all the advice, it will all be added to my toolkit to fight these minor battles that seem to come up from time to time.

Love to you all

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I was having trouble and your advice helped getting things moving on this front as well! This board is truly an awesome resource!

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Hey try drinking hot tea and maybe putting a semi-warm heating bottle on your tummy. Another thing is sitting in the bathtub with the water covering your tummy. You are right, sometimes we just know what to do with ourselves better than the doctors. Glad you are feeling better though. Hot tea sometimes has a lot to do with getting things moving again. I drink Smooth Move Traditioanl Medicinals every day. It helps keep me regular even though sometimes I have the runs. At least I know I'm getting rid of my waste. It helps me big time. Good luck and hoping you feel better each and every day.


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I'm sorry!

Hope all scan reports are great!


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I have now had 4 that I had to be admited into the hospital for in the last 6 months. Then I had two that I just stuck it out at home for. They sure do hurt like heck!!


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