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!!! Chemo stole my whistle !!!

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Joined: Sep 2010

Help. Call 911. "Hello, 911, how can we help you?" "I can't whistle, someone stole my whistle. Send someone quick!"

I turned on the radio this morning and went to whistle along to the song that was playing and .... I can't whistle! What is up with that? The tip of my tongue is still a little numb but really. Anyone else have this happen?

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I never had a whistle to begin with - pitiful! Sometimes my speaking voice sounds pretty scratchy. I hope you find your whistle again soon!

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Joined: Oct 2008

Just checked. My whistle is still operating. Interesting side-effect. I hope it returns once treatments are over. Good Luck.


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l like it !.Got not this kind of strange effects !

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Never could so don't know if I ever lost it. Always wished I could. Good luck getting it back.


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Nope whistle works... voice sounded scratchy after treatment #2 but has gone away for now. I'm sure there are plently of us who would whistle at you. As a former supervisor in a 911 center I would not recommend calling 911 with "someone stole my whistle" unless you enjoy cutting out paper dolls with blunt sissors in a padded room? Thanks for making me smile! Lou

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I really needed a good laugh thanks... we can always count on you for a good laugh.

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Kenny H.
Posts: 503
Joined: Aug 2010

Interesting. Checked and I still can. But ive only had one treatment.

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Posts: 1286
Joined: Sep 2010

That's right, you're one of us. (evil laugh) The latest FOLFOX Club. Hmmmm let's test my chemo brain ... there's Lou, Kate, Natalie, you and me! If I forgot anyone else who just started please chime in and take a bow. I've only had 1 and gearing up for the next on Monday. UGH.

When I was a little kid, I couldn't whistle and all the other (older)kids used to tease me. I practiced and practiced until I could whistle 3 different ways. It was one of the most eventful accomplishments of my early childhood. Yep, I want my whistle back.

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whodathunk that your whistle would be missing?

Waaaaaaaaaaayyy back in the day when we cowboyed, I could whistle like no other. Working with cattle and dogs, you had to know how to whistle. You know those kind of annoying whistles heard at sports, getting the attention of another 3 miles away or like Elly Mae Clampet? Yeah, I can still do that one.

I just tried the softer whistle... kinda like one of those catcall ones? Yep, I can do it too.

Whew... you had me scared there for a sec.

I really hope yours comes back. I love my whistle. Both of 'em. :)

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Out of all the things to worry about, you had me going there, was my whistle broke?
My precious whistle, the one I'm proud of (my poor children can't whistle and feel the thrill of whistling a song)so I tested my whistle.
Ahhhh SWEET RELIEF, it's still there. Woosh!!!! It's the little things I'm finding I'm thankful for.
Hope your whistle gets back soon.
I love whistling "Singing in the Rain".
Winter Marie

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Awe Lori...well, you know what? That should be your greatest side effect....although wait! Maybe not...because that means that the longer you cannot whistle the longer you will whistle once you get it back...and you'll drive us crazy here...:) But I promise you until you don't get yours back I'll whistle instead of you...I already drive half of my teachers crazy with it...but I enjoy it (both the whistling, both the part that I annoy my teachers. :o) At least, now I can say an excuse why I have to continue whistling! :)

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Joined: Sep 2010

Thanks so much for taking over the whistle for me! And for annoying the teachers. I don't get to do that anymore. I'll let you know when I get my whistle back so you don't have to do double time forever. ;)

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WOW. LOL. It's awesome to know I wasn't alone and it makes me so thankful knowing there are so many other whistlers out there. Yep, I LOST MY WHISTLE TOO - God is good and put that Groove back in me again and you will get that GROOVE back too. I'm in work whistling while I work now and smiling on this rainy day! Thanks for the Cheers. Hugs.

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