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Papillary thyroid cancer

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I am 2 1/2 years post surgery and I had 2 RAI treatments 6 months a part. The last one was in January 2009. My cancer was a stage IV due to my age, size of tumor, and lymph node involvement. Does anybody know how bad that really is? My doctors are so vague. My endocrinologist just said don't worry about it. Does that sound stupid or what? I go every 3 months for lab and to see my endo. I have whole body scan once a year after thyrogen injections but I still let it get to me sometimes. I have read other posts about recurrence and metastasis which scares me. Any information is appreciated.

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You need to pull your records. I have pulled mine. I wanted to know and I have been on my Doctors and they are jumping. Please read about TC, and read your reports.

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Thank you for your reply. I have some of the reports but I need to get the surgical report and ask for every correspondence between my endocrinologist and internist. If they would have been informative from the get go I wouldn't be feeling confused and scared. I have learned a lot on the American Cancer Society web site and everything I read doesn't sound good. I guess I will start over and demand answers. Thanks again.

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if you havent

gone to thyca.org i recomend it. there are lots of information there

from that site
Stages of cancer of the thyroid

Once cancer of the thyroid is found (diagnosed), more tests will be done to find out if cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body. This is called staging. A doctor needs to know the stage of the disease to plan treatment.

The following stages are used for papillary cancers of the thyroid:

--Stage I papillary

Cancer is only in the thyroid and may be found in one or both lobes.

--Stage II papillary

In patients younger than 45 years of age:

Cancer has spread beyond the thyroid.

In patients older than 45 years of age:

Cancer is only in the thyroid and larger than 1 centimeter (about 1/2 inch).

--Stage III papillary

Cancer is found in patients older than 45 years of age and has spread outside the thyroid (but not outside of the neck) or has spread to the lymph nodes.

--Stage IV papillary

Cancer is found in patients older than 45 years of age and has spread to other parts of the body, such as the lungs and bones.

from what i read there i would guess it is not just in the lymph node... or from what i see it would be stage 3 still...

request a copy of the reports and findings (they may charge you a nominal fee for copying it)

have they told you that you have clean scans or that its all gone or anything of the like.

what i did for myself was get a copy of the report and looked up every word i didnt know or understand and asked thousands of questions.. if they dont have an answer ask someone else. please talk about your questions.

sure the docs may get sick and tired of you asking questions but at least you are in the know.

dont accept vague answers... the more medical terminology you understand and the more you know to start with means they can use there termonology to answer you and give you better answers.

good luck

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