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Great news!

CSN is getting an upgrade. All of your posts will still be here, but the website will have a new look, new features and be mobile-friendly. To prepare for the changes, the site will be down briefly at the end November. We’ll continue to provide updates as we get closer.    

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Hi All,
Well, I have rented an apt and now trying to furnish it. My daughter has been a great help finding stuff. I set up cable and phone service too.
I have arranged for hospice to start the day after MIL arrives. They will supply her with a hosp bed, wheelchair and what ever else she may need.
My stress level is better, now that the lease is signed and I have the keys. Whew...
You guys have been so great with your supportive words. it helps me so very much. Thank you.
I do have you all in my thoughts, I may not get to the computer as much , but please know that I think of all of you every day.
Peaceful healing

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You are an inspiration Lisha. Take care of yourself and know mil will be very well taken care of. We are all praying for you both!

Take care,

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Hi Lisha,
Between all of this that your doing for Delores, plus going for tests, you are apologizing for not getting on the computer more? Pleeeze...!!! When I get lazy and start to feel sorry for myself I immediately think of you(and others) and tell myself..."oh hell no...get your butt up Sue, and get busy...look what Lisha(and others) are going through"! More than once I've had this talk with myself! Delores is flying out tomorrow..right? Well...she sure is coming to a good place with a good family to take care of her! Hope you get a little breather before the 15th. Take care Lisha...always thinking of you. Love..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Posts: 1162
Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Sue,
I am thinking of you too. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow as you receive your infusion. Delores and Sue(sister in law) arrive on the 12th, so I still have time to set up the apt. I do feel like a weight is lifted now that I have the apt and all the main pieces of furniture are there. My daughter is so amazing, she found so much stuff.
Sometimes I think that God gives you crazy stuff when you need it most. I have hardly had time to worry about me. I do have some tests this week but not to much.
I hope everything including the P goes well for you.
Peaceful healing

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