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“Sundance Magazine Project Closed – So Many Folks to Thank”

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Well, went to the post office after treatment today and mailed out the last batch of magazines. The Sundance project is now completed and I’ve got so many people to thank for making this all happen.

The project was a big success! 78 copies of the magazine were sent all across the world. We touched down in England, Spain, Canada, and all over the United States, including the Hawaiian islands. It’s amazing to me how wonderful things really do work – the fact that I can send a magazine from my city and touch someone in another part of the country and international countries as well, is simply thrilling!

I wanted to start by first thanking good ol’ Dr. D. He had his pick of patients and saw something in my demeanor that made him think to pick me for the historic opportunity. The rest became medical history:)

Much good came out of that surgery – notoriety for Dr. D – notoriety for St. Paul Hospital (even though the surgery was held at its sister affiliate, Zale Lipschy Hospital – and the biggest bonus of all, because of the Zale Lipschy operation, Dr. D’s hospital, St. Pauls hospital was granted a brand new, state of the art $1.5 million dollar DaVinci robot for their use at their facility.

It also opened up the door for other patients to now have the opportunity for this surgery. I’m happy to report that Dr. D. has done many more DaVinci robot surgeries on his lung patients, as a result of all of this.

Of course, someone was going to be the first, I’m just honored and privileged that he chose me to represent the hospital and my state of Texas. We often wonder what good can come out of Cancer – and this is a bright chapter in my journey and one that I’ll always carry proudly for the rest of my days.

Next, I want to thank the St. Paul Foundation President, Sally Ridgway, whose benevolence and generosity, along with that of the foundation donors, provided at no cost to me, all of the magazines that were sent out.

A truly magnanimous gift to all of our community as a result of their kindness. I’ve written to Sally and explained that the “INVESTMENT” they made to the Semi;Colon community, did not go unnoticed and was certainly much appreciated. And that she and the Foundation could certainly be proud of the lives they touched through this simple act. She asked me to tell you that she was more than happy to be able to this for us and that meeting people like us, is what makes her job so rewarding.

And I cannot forget my dear friend, and also the Project Treasurer, Don (coolvdub), whose generous and kind offer to help with my project, made my life so much easier, coming off this last surgery and being in the middle of treatment. He really lightened my burden by jumping in and taking collections for postage and creating shipping labels and mailing them to me, so I could do my thing and mail them out. Don is indeed a man of character and honor – it is a privilege and honor to know Don and to be able to work with him on this project, which was so dear to my heart.

Yet, another quality example of two souls “connecting” across the miles, united in a common cause, and working together to achieve the goal at hand. While Don and I have never met, it does not matter, and further solidifies in my mind, that even if we have not physically met, the relationships are real and every bit as true as a physical encounter. They carry the same emotional weight IMHO. I’m so very proud to know him and be associated with a person of such character and dedication. He did a tremendous job and is to be commended for his actions. Don, you really made a difference!

I also wanted to say a “Special Thanks” to the wonderful folks in the community, whose selfless generosity in donating the necessary funds for the mailers and the postage, was one of the most wonderful acts of generosity that I’ve personally witnessed during my time on the board.

It seems the folks like ourselves, who sometimes have the least to give, end up giving the most – bless you all for taking your time and money to ensure that all of the members of our community, were able to receive a magazine at no cost to them. I’m humbled by your humanity and so thankful to have folks like you, not only in our world here, but to the world in general.

It’s people like you, that still gives me the hope that all is not lost with Mankind – that goodness still resides in the hearts of people. Thank you for showing me that this GIFT is still alive and well in the year 2010!

Note: During this project, I dropped down to 60% of my take home pay and just wanted to tell you that without your generous donations, this project would have been delayed and lost steam – YOU really did make a difference in the project and just really wanted you to be aware of the good deed that you did for me – and for our community – WE are eternally grateful to have you as members of this community!

And then, I have to THANK YOU, the community, with which I’m so proud to be associated with! I sincerely appreciate you working with Don and providing him the information needed so he could prepare the labels.

And I also wanted to say Thank You so much for taking the time and interest to request a magazine – the simple fact that you cared enough about me and my story and invited me into your living room, is the kind of stuff, that just makes your heart melt with that gooey, oh so wonderful feeling.

The story is a good one, but being able to share it with a community, who can certainly have some understanding of what it meant, and what it represented, really made the project worthwhile. Having you in my life to share my journey and be a part of it has been the most rewarding experience of my life…after all, I could not have done it without you. I just wanted you to know – that each of YOU are a GIFT to me:) So, thank you for that!

Quick Side Story – LOL:)

The DaVinci story almost did not happen. A week before the surgery, I came down with a bronchial infection on a Friday night. By Saturday morning, I knew I needed antibiotics to knock this thing down, or I would be “scratched” from the surgery. So, on Monday morning, I was at my Internist and told him emphatically, I need a Rx and I need a shot, pronto! I explained what was about to happen and he complied. On Wednesday, Dr. D. called me to see “how I was doing?” I was feeling better, but not quite there, but knew I had 2 more days of pills and would be better, so I fudged the truth a little, and told him we’re a GO! Just a Semi;Colon’s story, to fight so hard to make a surgery, where they are gonna’ rough you up LOL:)

So, all in all, the project that started out as an idea in my head, became a reality, and became a COMMUNITY EFFORT! I’ve seen this board come together on several things in my time, and it never ceases to amaze me or warm my heart, to see the coming together of spirits banded together and working for a common goal. I’m beginning to think that there is nothing that WE cannot do, once we set our collective minds together.

Have I said “Thank You?” LOL:)

So very glad to have been able to “touch” a part of your lives again – it gives me the greatest satisfaction when I can do that. As always, I appreciate your love, support, and your friendship! They have made an immense difference in my life these past 16-months, since I joined the site.

As always, it’s been so good seeing you and talking with you today! Thanks for humoring me:)


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love reading your posts, they are so uplifting.. Thanks for being u. Petrina

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next to me just in the right side of my favorite sofa!.
Thank you for the great job of both, you and Don!

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Craig they knew they had a winner when they picked you for this ground-breaking surgery + again for the article. You can be so proud of yourself, for the contributions you have made to your hospital, Doctor, hospital, community + of course our community here. You have completed a wonderful project + I truly appreciate it. I also appreciate Don's contribution to this endeavour. You will go on to make even more contributions as time goes on. I would like to "lift a glass" to you, your health and your family, thank-you for everything. Cheers!

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Thank you for sending me the magazine, I feel honored to have my very own autographed copy. I love the article!!

Fight for my love
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Hi brother,nice seeing your post.You are the one we have to thank.With your love and generosity,we were able to read the most advanced technilogy and successful story.It's not just a simple magazine,it's more about inspiration and trust.Thank you.

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Always wonderful to see your posts.
And just to let you know, we thank you for allowing us into your life, by sending us the magazine.
I am so glad to know you.
Winter Marie

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Thanks for responses!

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Hi Craig,

I'm sorry I missed out on sharing in your celebrity! I'm sure the magazine project was awesome and informative. I always love reading your posts, as they are filled with kindness, compassion and a genuiness you don't find every day....especially in a male.

You have a heart of gold and the glimmer always shines through on the board.

I'm glad your project was a succes and I'm proud to say I "know" you.

All the best,


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So very nice to meet you:)

I have followed your story and am saddened by your 19-year old having to face such a tough disease at such a young age.

The good news from where I sit is YOUTH! He's got that going for him and I feel that will take him very far - as far as he needs to go. A younger body will better be able to absorb the treatments and surgeries he might need - and that's a good thing.

I appreciate your kind words - and just for you (if you want) I'll open the project back up and send you a copy of the magazine, so you can share with all of us:)

Just PM me your address (not in the forum, because it's public) but use the email system on the front page - I'll get a copy just for you:)

Thanks for your kindness, especially with all that you have going on in your life right now.


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Thanks Craig...my copy arrived yesterday and I sat right down to read it ! It was a great article about a great man (and his wife ). Hope your are doing well.


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Hi buddy, we just opened our copy of the magazine yesterday. You are such an inspirtation to us Craig, and like the others here I always look forward to your posts. I feel blessed to know all of you on this site. You are correct about how real the relationships are even though most of us have never met. Sometimes it's scarey having so many new friends "to worry about", but I know we are all walking through this together and pulling for each other. Those of you with cancer and those of us who love you. The losses are painful and the victories so sweet to each person on here. Thank You....for opening up to us the way you do and using your GIFT to express yourself. You're awesome Craig! Love to you and Kim from Jim and I!

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Thank you for the great magazine! I couldn't wait to read your article and I am so impressed. You truly are the best kind of inspiration and it is a real privilege to know you. I hope you are doing well and continue to keep you and Kim in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs and Healing,

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