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alcohol, tylenol with liver mets?

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I was going to ask my doctor but then remembered i have this resource at my disposal so here is my query. Is it safe to drink alcohol or take products containing aceteminophen with liver lesions? as a former R.N. i knew that both are metabolized in the liver and were containdicated in liver dx, has anyone asked their doc about this? i am seeing family this weekend and wine is always part of the togetherness.

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I don't know if my answer will help but when George was on Folfox on a Saturday morning he threw a slight fever, around 100/101. I called the onc and the onc on call called and after asking a few questions told me to give him 2 Extra Strength Tylenol. I ran out, got the Tylenol and within a few hours the fever was gone. The onc called back a few hours later and all was well, no trip to the ER or anything. Never knew what caused it and it never happened again.

Take care - Tina

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Posts: 37
Joined: Oct 2010

yea, i think it's a habit for doctors to prescribe tylenol, ibuprofen and aspirin work just as well and are not metabolized thru the liver but since it's MY liver i would rather have pain medicine other than lortab which is aceteminophen, i'll get back to ya'll. Dr, Chan may tell me Saki is just fine.


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I start chemo on Monday. My nurse told me she wants me to drink a lot she didn't care what it was, pop sickles Gatorade whatever. I was like " cocktails?"..lol. She said NO. It can work against the chemo :(. I'm bummed as I like to social drink as well. I do know the liver has to work extra hard getting rid of the toxins from the chemo so adding alcohol is one more stress. Not sure if your not on chemo?

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My onc has always told me if I want a glass of wine with my pasta, then go for it! Problem on chemo was after I was on it for awhile, wine tasted like lighter fluid, and it was a LONGGG time before I even thought of trying it again......but low and behold, doesn't bother me in the least now, and tastes as great as it always did! Had mets to my liver and 1/2 removed this year. I have baptized it with only one margarita however!!

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The only pain killer I am supposed to take is Tylenol. I am on folfiri + avastin + I think others may interfere with the avastin. As for wine, I did ask my onc + she said I can enjoy some wine (not a whole bottle!) once in a while. I have liver mets. I check with my onc about everything.

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Since the manufacturer of Tylenol provides a warning to not take
it for more than 10 days, and that it is known to cause liver damage
if that limit is exceeded, I would choose common aspirin as my poison.

Tylenol is coming under fire for the toxic effect it has on the liver,
but since the company provides ample warning, with the caveat
of "asking your own doctor", it will likely not be held liable for
any damage..... The prescribing physician will bear the responsibility!

Bottom line...... The manufacturer warns about liver damage after
10 consecutive days of taking it.

You have been warned.


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Posts: 37
Joined: Oct 2010

thanks for the input, i am going to stick to aspirin and ibuprophen and just occasionally have a little sumpn sumpn until i start chemo and ask again.


p.s. will be getting port sometime soon, is there anything i need to know about which side is preferable? i know how they work, have even "accessed" and drawn blood and given chemo and fluids thru them during my nursey days, when it was just those poor other people who got cancer.

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For me, I drive myself, having mine on the right side is much better as when I am in the passenger seat (seldom), I have to pull the shoulder strap of the seat belt down because it rubs on my port and I find it irritating. I will tell you that the 2nd day after chemo that I was home with my pump attached, I had some aching in my port area (not a lot just enough that I noticed) when I used my right hand to open heavy doors or such.

Sundanceh's picture
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Joined: Jun 2009

Hi Amber

All of mine (3) have been put in on the left side. I've heard of folks having them put in their right side. As far as effectiveness, both sides are equal.

The only thing to consider is that on your left side, your seat belt might ride on the port itself, which can be uncomfortable.

This time around, they placed it down further, so that my belt does not sit directly on it, but now above it.

Good luck! Now, I know what all the other nurses are thinking about me when they work on me, LOL:)


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if you are right handed then your left side is the lazy side and also the side I would have my port inserted...I am right handed and also shoot a shotgun and hunt so the left side was a must for me... I would have it placed on my lazy side, if your a righty get it on the left and vice versa......and my nurse told me that I shouldn't drink with chemo, I never felt like it until 3 months after chemo was over.....The answer will most likely answer itself when chemo begins...I hope for you there are no side effects......Love to ya, Clift

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