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Breath of fresh air in Guatemala

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So far, all I can say about my treatment is this is the way it should be. Complete harmony. I showed up for my appointment on time. They escorted me directly to treatment room. A Dr was in the room with me at all times. The nurses were quick and knowledgable and relayed everything they gathered directly to the Dr. I had the best examination I've ever had. They inspected me thoroughly. They led me to the CT machine. The techs performed well but there was always a Dr present. The Dr explained reasons why they did this and that. Then I had what can only be described as a proper CT. There were 4-5 people lining me up and taking pictures. Then they literally gave me 3 small tattoos that act as reference points for their lasers for CTs in the future. Then with special markers they drew a grid system on my abdomen. The also did CTs when I was at full inhale and at full exhale. The Dr then finished her work and escorted me to the door. I was in the clinic for more than 5 hours and was in the presence of one my Drs 95% of the time. Refreshing

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Complete harmony. Nice~

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I am really interested in your progress with this place. Please keep us informed. You take care.


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Fantastic John! I am so glad to hear how well things are going for you. What is next?

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I am so happy you are having such a positive experience. And at a fraction of the cost! Unbelievable! You go John!

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I'm glad everything went well,keep us posted.

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Hey John

Is this a CASH transaction?


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You look so handsome in your picture. Sure are proud of you for serving your country. Have a daughter that served in the Army and now two son-in-laws in Afghanistan. God Bless you for your dedication and service.

So great that you had such great service while going through your scan. Never have had that experience when any examine that was ever given to me. Surprised that it took 5 hours to do this. Never new that CT scans marked you with tatoos or markers, only knew they did this for radiation. Glad that you had such a great experience with it.

Sounds like you are on the right path to getting some results. Glad all is going well for you with your treatment.


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Sounds like you are impressed with the service you're receiving. I'm glad that it is going well for you. Keep us informed as I am interested to see how it all goes in Guatemala. Best wishes to you.

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I'm so glad you're getting such great treatment!


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Great post on taking the initiative with such an active plan based on personal research and decisions. Glad you found a haven.

If you have time and inclination, more of the "whyzats" that you got answered might be very interesting and helpful to many.

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This is a cash transaction. They gave me the projected bill today. I told them I wasn't happy with the price, so they dropped it over 15% and then gave me several local gift certificates and a private driver. Now I'm paying for the whole trip for what thought I was gonna pay for the procedure. The food is really good and I haven't met anyone who isn't interested in what I'm doing. I have met several guatemalans that are very proud when they learn why I am here. You can just see them perk up and become very friendly. They had no idea their country was on the forefront in the war against cancer.

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Really - keep us posted - so glad your experience so far has been great. I'm sure there are many of us that want to follow you through this. I understand you're there for treatment, but all in all how is the country itself?

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that's the way!, just keep us informed about such an interesting experience .
Best to you, and try to enjoy Guatemala beaches if possible

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