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MM in the spinal fluid

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I was diagnosed w/mm in Sept 08. Stage 3. I've undergone several sessions of chemo with positive results and a transplant in march this year. I've been experiencing problems with my shoulds/arms. The nerves that drive the muscles in my shoulders have stopped working. My Dr. says that in about 1% of mm cases the disease finds it way into the spinal fluid. Has anyone else ever heard of this or experienced it. I'm going in tomorrow for a spinal tap to confirm/deny presence of mm. tks.

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My wife was recently diag. with MM in spinal fluid. Also told a very small percentage of patients experience this. She has had transplants and on Chemo for 3 years. We were going to participate in trial program since normal treatments are not working for her. Due to MM in spinal fluid, we can not participate in trials. Any advice, I am all ears. We (wife & myself) have elected not to do the lumbar infusion since it has not worked with bone marrow. Not sure of next step.

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