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I hate weekends!

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It's just that the normality and routine of the week is comforting and no matter who is around and what I am doing, weekends just aren't the same. Guess this is just ONE more thing to get over and grieve through, like so many other things in my life right now.

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I can relate to how you feel about weekends too. I don't work, so at least during the week I can go down to the coffee shop with some friends and it's like therapy. Also like to watch TV and on the weekend not much is on during the day. Our lives have totally changed and guess we have to get used to it whether we want to or not. Keep coming here and we can all talk!!

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I've notice a pattern, that I tend to have meltdowns on the weekends. During the week, I am busy with work and appointments, but weekends are so lonely. My husband and I were very active and always had full, fun weekends. I dread the weekends. TGFM (thank God for Mondays).

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Weekends can be very difficult. I try to book as much social activities as I can because I don't do well alone, from my writers group to church, run as much as I can, whatever I can muster. Bit its more than that, I have a "Don't care" attitude about my jobs, although if it were not for my jobs I'd go crazy. I've been with my employer for 11 years and it hit me the other day-we were enrolling for our annual insurance coverage and it was just for me. No spouse for the first time in 32 years, a strange sensation.

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I agree, I hate weekends. I can't even watch college football anymore, we were avid fans. I hear the noise from the Boise State stadium and I get chills. Last Saturday I went to a costume party at my son's house, but didn't stay long. Couldn't bear looking at couples together. I am back at the gym everyday and bought a bike at a yard sale to ride around the neighborhood. I go out and try to do things, but the hard reality of loss sets in when you come home to any empty house. The quiet is deafening. You talk to yourself, looking for answers. It feels weird to do things, because after a year of living in the caregiver box, the box if finally open. Forgot what it is like to be out. Dale has only been gone a month and a half, but I guess we have to take small steps and move forward.


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Weekends are not good at all. I get out of work on Friday and all the things I thought I'd dealt with fall on me. If I don't get in the car and drive somewhere or do tons of errands, I have unbelievably bad days. Last Friday evening I fell into the hole and didn't even begin to climb out until Sunday night. This Saturday, even if I don't have a destination, I'll get in the car and go. SOmewhere. Anywhere.

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Tina Blondek
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Hello All
Thank you all for your posts. Now I do not feel so alone. I knew you have all been with me anyway! We have to try our best to follow in David's footsteps. Make as many appointments as we can for the weekends. I think often that we all have to make a widow, widowers club. Even though I am a daughter. This way we could all get together and do things on the weekends, so none of us would be alone. David...ugh, that must have been real hard on you with the annual insurance enrollment. Let's hang in there friends. God will see us through this. Love and hugs to all. Get out there and enjoy this beautiful fall season. I am sure our loved ones are up in heaven having their own celebrations!
Tina in Va

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Oh yeah...I know that hole and have been there TOO many times. It's hard to crawl out of but like one of my doctors once told me....When you're at the bottom, there's no where else to go but up. So when we do come out of the dark, deep hole, sometimes it seems like we are better for coming out and that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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I have been mainly lurking lately and not doing much posting, but this rang a bell with me. I remember the first time I had to mark widowed on a form. I had just never thought of myself as a widow until I had to mark that. I also hate the forms that only give you the choice of being married or single. I keep saying, it's the little things. The big things are hard, but the little things come out of nowhere. Take care everyone. Fay

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Weekends are hard for me for a different reason. My children do several sporting and other activities on the weekend and every weekend at these activites I get reminded that I am now a single parent.
I agree with David. I too have a "Dont Care" attitude about a lot of my tasks. I see the colour around me but my life is pretty gray at the moment.
I have gotten used to filing up all the forms to update details and having to mark "widow". But this week I received correspondence in my maiden name. I continue to use my married name and so for someone to decide that they would now write to me in my maiden name (which I have not used in 12 years) was quite a shock. It felt like the person had robbed me in some way.

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