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Quick Question

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My dad is almost 4 monthes post treatment and is doing really great. The only issues that he seems to have (other then dry mouth) is he gets chocked some when eating certain things. The main things being beans and corn. I tell him to make sure he drinks water when he eats. Does this still happens to any of you at this stage?



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your pop is lucky if all he has is a little choking while eating. I am 7 months out and still have very bad dry mouth and cannot eat much of anything solid. I cough when eating alot but dont't choke. It may be what he is eating, smoother things seem to go down easier.
your right, drink fluids. I've found milk helps everything go down easier for some reason.
I hope I can eat as freely as your dad soon.

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I was having difficulty with choking on occasion while eating. Then I read a post where Sweetblood mentioned to drink something thick to chase it down instead of water. So I would have a shake or chocolate milk & it really did help quite a bit.

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Your Dad may over look chewing some of his foods, unfortunately I had an episode at a Restaurant that just opened. I choked on some corn like your Dad and they called 911 for help. Luckily, a customer next to us grabbed me and did the Hiemlich technique on me to free the corn. Cancelled the 911 call. I know that I would think that I didn't have to chew as much because it was just corn and should slide right down, nope, didn't happen.

As mentioned above, plenty of fluids with his meals and plenty of chewing. I learned the hard way.

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Pam M
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I'm seven months out, too. I can eat most things with no problems, but I do choke on food from time to time. For me, it's the exception, not the rule, and the choking isn't severe. Breads and chips are big cuprits for me.

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Yep a number one side affect of radiation treatment. I had a lot of problems with choking for the first 2 or 3 years, I am now 5 years passed the last treatment and can eat almost anything with a lot of water.

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I am 4 months out and choking is a major issue for me.

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Glenna M
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Katt, I am one year post treatment and very seldom choke on food anymore. I learned quickly when I first started eating solid foods that I had to take very small bites and chew thoroughly. I would also take a swallow of water with each bite of food. It takes a lot longer to get through a meal this way but it stopped the choking.

It does get better with time but he will definitely need to keep water, or any liquid, with him when he eats. I still have problems with some foods and need my water but there are getting to be more and more foods that I can eat without having to take a sip of water. I don't choke often but there are some foods that feel like there is a piece of it stuck in my throat, tuna is the 1st one that comes to mind.

Please tell your dad to be patient, it will get better.

My best to you and your family,

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It is still an issue with me. I am 10 months out now and my last swallow study showed everything ok. The Dr. gave me a couple of more exercises to do to help with the swallowing. I try the exercises first, then if needed I follow with water. Some of my exercises are done during eating. for example I take a bite of food and then swallow and then dry swallow to make sure it is getting down.
I am sure you dad's ENT has a copy of those, if not maybe I can e-mail mine to you
Wishes & Prayers

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Dave could you please email your exercises. My dad's ENT has never mentioned any thing about exercises to him. You can send them to my work email if that is easier for you. kposton@odu.edu. Thanks so much.


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I have learned that when I have food caught to stick my fingers down my throat to grab what ever is caught. This is still happening to me after 10+ years, but then I tend to take too large of bites which really is the root of the problem. Take smaller bites and chew.

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