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1st Chemo tomorrow, getting Cal/Mag, thanks Doc for listening!

okthen Member Posts: 232
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Met with new ONC today. Really nice, patient man....actually asked if we had any questions, gee, imagine that. (yes, being sarcastic)

He had NO problem with hubby getting the Cal/Mag outside of the study. Wrote us two Rx (just in case we need them) so that we can go ahead and get them filled while we still have our insurance.

I think he calmed some of hubbys fears re side effects and such...I didn't go in too scared cuz, I've had you guys. (smiles)

Reporting back to Ca Center at 830...crack of dawn for me...haha...but I'll try to be pleasant despite my guaranteed a.m. grumpiness.

Hubby getting out of shower..have to go try and snap a butt pic...he said he had nightmares of me taking pictures of his boo-tocks.(o:
(please see calendar thread if this statement confuses you (o:)

Hugs and prayers to you all!!!



  • Sundanceh
    Sundanceh Member Posts: 4,392
    See there - told you it would be alright, even if it did take another doc. Could not understand your care team's negativity towards giving it. A person should be allowed to try something at least once to see if it helps them. We all know how different we react even when we do the same drugs or treatments.

    You just gotta' be persistent.

    I'm glad, Chriss and I hope it helps the hub - and you too! Please let me know what happens as you know I'll be anxious to hear from you on how things went with the transmission.

  • Annabelle41415
    Annabelle41415 Member Posts: 6,711 **
    Great for the magnesium and calcium. My doctor wouldn't give it to me and just wish I'd have stressed that this is what seemed to help others. Craig got it and seems to swear by it. I'm still having problems. So glad that your oncologist is listening to you. You said you had a booty shot :) oh wait boo-tocks

  • Lori-S
    Lori-S Member Posts: 1,277
    I'm so happy that the onc listened and gave you guys the option of doing the cal/mag. I hope that hubby does well with his first round of chemo. Don't forget to get some rest yourself. You caregivers need rest too.
    ha ha on the crack of dawn!