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Quick Note.... Going to see Eric

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Hey Everybody,
I am still at Colonpalooza. I just wanted to steal away a minute to tell you all that Eric's Mom called me today and I am going to see Eric tomorrow morning. I know everyone has been waiting on word about him. His Mom said he is not doing good and may or may not recognize me but I am taking the chance and praying for the best. I feel blessed that I even get to see him. I will tell him you are ALL thinking and asking about him. Having a blast here and will fill you all in when I get home next week. Hope you are all doing well and I sure do miss you guys!!! Take care.


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So glad you can do this and keep us posted. I sent his mom an email a week ago, and never heard back. I've been so worried.
Please give him a hug for me, whether he recognizes you or remembers us or not, I would surely appreciate it, as I can't hug him from here.
Bless you for this.
Winter Marie

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Thanks for letting us know. I have been thinking about Eric and praying for him. Please send my love to him. Let him know that we care about him and thank him for all his support.


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So very nice that you can go to see Eric. His earthly body may not know you, but his spirit will surely recognize your thoughtfulness and caring.

Please let both Eric and his Mom know that they are thought of often and wishes for peace come their way every day.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for the update, been wondering how Eric is doing. Give him and his Mom a big hug from all of us semicolons. I do hope he is able to recognise you, but even if he can't you are being a really good friend and on some level he will know who you are and more imortantly he will know we all miss, love and have been thinking about him.


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That is so thoughtful of you to go visit him. Hoping that he does recognize you, but you just being there is the important part. Tell him that we love him and miss him. Let his mom know how much she is thought of on this board to. Keep us posted.


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I do hope that your visit with Eric goes well and that you let him know we are all thinking of him and sending lots of love and prayers his way. He is the reason I came out of lurking and officially joined the site. I miss reading his posts so much. Give him a very big hug!

It's so good to hear that you are having a great time.

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That is so nice of you to visit Eric. It will mean a lot to Eric, Eric's family and to all of us.

Thank you,

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Thanks for posting this, I wonder a lot about how he is doing. I hope his mom is holding up ok and that Eric is not in any pain. Thank you again for posting this and good luck on your visit, I know that can't be easy for you either.

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His mom seems so sweet! I've connected with her on facebook after you mentioned she's on there. I'm so glad you're going to see Eric. Please let his mom and Eric know that you're bringing with you all the love from Eric's semi-colon family.


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Jennie, thank you for taking your time to keep us informed about Eric. He and his family are in my prayers. Jean

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Jennie, thanks for taking the time to let us know about your visit tomorrow. Eric is always in my thoughts, + I am guessing your visit will mean a lot to Eric + his Mom. I think Eric will know you are there. I am sorry to hear he is not doing well. He is such a brave, funny man. I sure do miss his humorous posts.

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Hi Jennie,

Thanks for letting us know- Eric comes to mind every day- thanks for letting him and his mom know we are all thinking of and praying for him.
Hope you are doing well, yourself! Hope all has been going well at the Colonpalooza!


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for being the love messenger from our semi-colon family to Eric and his mom.


Fight for my love
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Hi Jennie,thank you very much.I have been thinking of Eric everyday.

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keep us informed as soon you can we will apreciate so much!
Thanks in advance!

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