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Finally received my 5th chemo on October 12th----also question about mono number

hopeful girl 1
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After two weeks delay for low platelets, I received my 5th chemo of taxol/carbo on Tuesday October 12th. My oncologist also lowered the dose a bit on the carbo due to the big platelet drop last time. The platelets jumped back up in this pastweek from 68,000 to 139,000. I didn't think that was possible. Thank you for all of your prayers and positive vibes! I had fully been expected to be sent home again.

My medical team is hoping that I will not need another delay before the 6th chemo since I am almost done.

I have to admit I am scared about the white counts though-my oncologist will do chemo if the neutrophils are 1.0 and mine were 1.2-----doesn't allow me much room to drop those in two weeks for nadir. Last time I dropped 1.3 points downward in nadir so that is more than I am starting with this time. I hope I don't go to zero. I go for bloodtest in two weeks.

Now I did notice on this print out, thanks to Linda's tips, that my MONO number is 12-which is high, so that would mean according to Linda's oncologist that bone marrow is recovering -so is it possible my white count can rise in 3-4 days following October 12t, before I go into nadir? That would really help me!!!

Is that how all of you have this done as well? Get chemo, then bloodtest in two weeks, then another bloodtest one week later and chemo that same week if counts allow? And I normally see my oncologist on the day of chemo, although this time I am off schedule and am seeing him in two weeks with bloodwork, not day of chemo.Do any of you see the oncologist any more frequently than that protocol? Just wondering.

Hugs to all!


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I don't know about all the blood count numbers as didn't have issues on mine, so tended to not worry or understand. Will tell you while I was in chemo treatments I had my blood drawn each week and if everything was okay didn't hear from doc office. On week of chemo I'd go to doc office earlier and girls would draw blood and I'd go down to lab to deliver. By the time I saw doc in say 1/2 hour he had the blood work results. At that point he could tell me if I was okay to continue to my next chemo.

So glad you received #5 session today...yeah girl! Now keep the counts up and keep the good foods in you. Remember to drink lots of fluids as you'll need it after each chemo and the protein (Whey).

Best to you and keep us posted you're closer to the end!!!

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My monostat was 13 last week, & nuetrofils 1.3. A week later (yesterday) when I went in for my pre-chemo labs, my nuetrofils were 1.5, and just "made the cut" and I was able to get my chemo. BUT I have to go in today and get a Nuelasta shot so that my immunity won't be too compromised now by this 2nd chemo infusion. Hopefully the shot will bring my white count (including nuetrifils) up nicely before my next labs.

I wonder if your doctor's bias has to do with the insane cost of Nuelasta and the monopoly they have. I had a nurse make a quip that Nuelasta was the 'only game in town' for this need and that they were gounging ridiculously. She seemed pretty disgusted that there were no other alternatives. No single shot should be $7,000 - $12,000 like Nuelasta is here! Many insurances won't cover it. Mine does, but they can't be happy about it.

Honestly, you sould like a Nuelasta candidate and maybe you need to pin your oncologist downb as to his reasoning.

I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TYPING! But had to respond to you! (((hugs))) Gotta go!

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Hi Cindy,
Glad to hear that you were able to get your treatment> Hang in there you will be done soon. I am 3 months post treatment and still am waiting for my counts to return to normal. My WBC count also got low. My onc doc wanted to avoid using a colony stimulating factor As long as my WBC count was above 1.0 I got treated. My doc only drew blood every 3 weeks right before tretment. He said I know you will be nadir and I don't want you to worry. Didn't work I worried anyway. My Wbc count went as low as 0.8 with the ANC 0.1. I just followed all the neutropenic guidelines and luckily did OK. You will too!
Stay strong and hugs back to you.

hopeful girl 1
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Joined: May 2010

Susafina and Linda:


Sufina, It sounds like your doc followed the same protocol as mine. Mine will give chemo as along as neutrophils are 1.0

I get blood drawn two weeks after chemo and then again the following week, which is also the chemo week, IF counts are ok.

What is making me nervous is after my 4th chemo I started with 2.1 neutrophils and I dropped down to .8. This time for my 5th chemo I started with only 1.2 neutrophils.

Are you staying that you dropped down at your lowest in nadir to .1 neutrophil-meaning almost zero? You had 100 neutrophils?

My doc tells me too not to worry, but I do!

You followed the guidelines-what did those incorporate? Lots of handwashing and avoiding sick people etc? No fresh fruits and veggies?

Linda, I appreciate your caring passion to respond, while you are not supposed to be typing! :) Yes, it would seem I would be a canditate for these booster shots, but my oncologist prefers not to use unless you start out low from the beginning of chemo, or just get too too low. That is what his nurse told me.

Please advise.


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