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cargiver needs support

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Hello, I'm new here and not sure what I'm doing but my dad has lung cancer and I feel like I am losing total control of my life. It would be wonderful to be able to talk to other caregivers. How do you make it through each day?? I would appreciate any advise.
Thank you!

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Hi, Angel,
Just think you should know, it's not such a good idea to post your email on a open-to-the-public forum. Anyone can create an account and browse around here. It's much better to just post your questions and only send your email address through private messaging.

Wish I could help with the caregiver question, but I'm on the opposite end of the seesaw...

There is a forum specifically for caregivers here, if you'd like to post there - page down a little on the main Discussion Groups page, and you'll see it, under "Other". Of course you're also welcome to post here, more than a few caregivers do!
Take care, my best to your dad and to you,

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Thank you for your message. I wish you the best

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"how do you make it through each day?" One day at a time--it's a cliche, but it's true. I was not coping well at first, thinking ahead and wondering how I was going to do this, and cope with that, and all the what ifs--but focusing on what was ahead of me just that day helped a lot. Not that planning ahead isn't important, but stopping my imagination from running away from me from a future that I couldn't predict was also important. I hope that makes sense.

And do post on the caregiver boards--it's very helpful and comforting.

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As a caregiver for my mother, once we had a plan of attack, I felt relieved (had more control). We got a notebook and wrote down our questions, concerns and how my mother was doing day to day so we were prepared when talking to the Oncologist.. Then we took everything one day, one chemo treatment at a time. We documented side effects, called the cancer line when needed and got through chemo as a family. Next for us is radiation treatments.. Today was day 1 of 25!.. My advise is take everyone 1 step at a time.. It's too overwhelming if you think too far ahead!.. Deb.

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Miss Bella
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Dear Angel,
To live here and now is good advice that you have gotten. It is all very overwhelming in the beginning but believe it, you will get used to this roller coaster. I always brought a digital recorder to my dr appointments. It was easier for me, I could focus on the discussion and not on the note taking. Everyone is different though.
Also, don't look at the statistics. They are old and out dated and there is much more hope than the numbers on the internet give.
Learn as much as you can about lung cancer and different treatments, and don't be afraid to ask questions of doctors, nurses or HERE.
You did not tell us what kind of lc your dad has?
Take care,
Miss Bella

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