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1st chemo done

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Well we spent six hours getting Folfox6. I had no reaction to anything and other than being tired (didn't sleep much last night)I feel pretty good. Onc said he didn't think under the slow timed infusions that they employ that I may not get Hand and Foot Sydrome. I hope he is right. He also for the first time said this is curative not just buying time. Apparently they do the drips much slower now to help avoid the unpleasant side effects so instead of two hours it's three hours. When the IV ends then a bolis of 5-flu and then the pump for 46 hours. It's good to know where all the fanny packs went to from the 1980's, the hospitals uses them to hold the portable pump. Oh yes a flu shot too. The port worked great no pain at all. Just eleven treatments to go.

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This is so good to hear. I am glad it went so well for you. "Curative"; what a great word to hear! Awesome!

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good work Lou!!!

always like to get that first one behind us....well done


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Awesome!! You made it! Now that you know what to expect it will make things alot easier on you!

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Great that you didn't have any major side effects so far. What exactly is folfox 6. They didn't give me a number they just told me it was folfox. Is this a different cocktail? Glad you got the first one done.


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Hi Kim as I understand it Folfox 6 consists of Oxaliplatin, folinic acid and Fluorouracil on day one. Then you wear a pump with just Fluorouracil for 46 hours then remove the pump on day three and 12-14 days off. Folfox 4 means day one is repeated on day two with Oxaliplatin and Folinic acid then the pump for 20 hours each day. I would think Folfox 4 would be harder on you then Folfox 6. But there are variations with other drugs added and of course molarity (amount of drug in solution infused by IV).

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I'm glad it went well. Keep it up!


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