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Transitional cell/urothelial cancer

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My wife had her right kidney, ureter, part of her bladder, and two lymph nodes removed in February, 2010. There was cancer in her kidney, ureter, and one lymph node. She was diagnosed with transitional cell cancer and the staging was T3,N1,M0 - stage III. Her medical oncologist will begin a 4-week cycle treatment using Cisplatin and Gemzar. We have not visited a radiation oncologist yet, but I imagine we will soon to see if there is any benefit from having radiation after the chemotherapy.

Has anyone had the treatment I've described and would you share what you've learned. Thank you.

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My husband had his right kidney, ureter and bladder cuff removed due to tcc approx. 7cm. no lymphs were involved, but he had to go into the vena cava.This was in january 2010. He had positive margins, but they decided not to do any chemo or radiation therapy since he was weak at the time. now 9 months later his pet/ct scan showed tumor growth in that same area and in his lower left lobe of his lung. We will be seeing the oncologist on tues. and hopefully start chemotherpy. I am hating myself now for not having him start chemo early after his surgery. How is your wife doing?
Take care.

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How is your wife doing? I hope she is doing well.
My husband had the same thing and has now started on gemzar and carboplatin. After his surgery in Jan. 2010 he now (Oct) has a new tumor developing in his surgery sight and possibily some tumors to his lungs. We are prayer for complete recovery.
Let me know how your wife is doing.

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Devastated Wife
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Any updates?  How is everyone doing?  

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