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First 3 month appointment coming up

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I have my first 3 month appoinment coming up on Friday and while I have read what to expect, I am a bit nervous-obviously because there is always a possibility that there may still be cancer. I did not have chemo or radiation as it was low grade and several oncologists believed it was not needed as I had a radical hysterectomy.

I would appreciate any suggestions on things to ask. My oncologist is great, but I know I still need to be my own advocate.

Thank you.


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Dear Mercy:

That first three month checkup usually makes you feel nervous. It may help to have questions written down so you don't forget to ask them. You will probably be given a script to have a CA125 done and then maybe in three months a CT Scan. They will probably do a PAP smear at your exam too. Usually, the doctors will see you every three months or maybe in your case six months with CT Scan yearly for a couple of years.

Do you know the type of cancer? Stage and Grade? I know you said it was low grade, but you probably should know and whether or not any lymph nodes were tested during your surgery.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for a smooth appointment!


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Hi Mercy; Yes, those three months checkups are very stressful. We have to do it and what ever the results are we can also deal with that. The worse is over and you will be able to handle what ever life brings you. Boy, do I remember my first. I had Stage 1a grade 3 had total hyst and 6 sessions of Chemo, nine months in remission. Thanks to our wonderful Creator Jehovah God. It is always a good thing to ask right there at your visit for a copy of any tests so you can keep it in your file just in case you need to change doctors. Think of what questions you want to ask and write them down. Don't be ashamed to look at your notes. Please let me know what stage you were and what grade. Reach out and feel us touching you!!!! We will be there for you, we will help to eliminate that fear. Hugs, comfort and positive thoughts coming your way. June

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Thanks for your encouragement. I asked for a copy of my pathology report and learned that i was a stage 1B n0. I did have lymph nodes examined and there was no evidence of cancer in them.

I have ready a lot about people being having a CA 125 done as well as an MRI or cat scan. My doc did not do this. He said that we would go based on symptoms. Should I press for this next time?

It is really frustrating because I am a fairly educated woman, yet when I go to my appointments I just shut down.

I too was raised knowing Jehovah God June so I know that he is with me, but the sheer anxiety of just going into the oncology building renders me helpless. Thank you all for the encouragement and help.


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