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Boston Brain Tumor Walk

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My daughters and I volunteered today at the First Annual Brain Tumor Walk in South Boston. It was an inspiring day, but brought on a mix of emotions. This was a fundraiser for research on all brain tumors. We listened to several testimonials of indivuals and families fighting this disease, and all the struggles, and ups and downs that have become their life. I thought of my husband's battle. I miss him so very much. But I also realized that we were truly on a different path since his passing. There are many challenges in this grieving path we are on. I hate it. But then we no longer have to watch him suffer, and slowly deteriorate, we no longer have the fear and anxiety that came with every MRI and oncology appointment. The emergency trips to the hospital when he hit a crisis, sitting and wondering "is this it, will he come home again"? So this part of this dreaded journey is done for my children and I. We now deal with the loss of husband and dad. We survived one phase and we will get through the next phase.

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I have thought and think the things you mentioned about your journey with your husband. When I look back at the months of deterioration and suffering I wonder how I coped and was able to stay strong for my husband. I am a nurse and certainly have seen my share of pain and suffering but I have never experienced patient nor a loved one with brain cancer suffer until my husband was diagnosed with this terrible disease at the age of 48. A year and a half ago when he was initially diagnosed the triage nurse in the oncologist office said to me" I strongly suggest you find a counselor for support " I was initially taken back at that point of her advice but now looking back I see that she knew what a toll this disease takes on the family and knew what was facing me ahead as the wife and caregiver. Maybe next year I will look to see what I can do to volunteer at the walk

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As hard as it is to be without my husband, I think seeing what so many of those still fighting this disease are going through puts a different perspective on things. I feel like I am not expressing myself well. I wish Terry was back here with me. But as you said the toll of caring for someone with brain cancer takes such a physical and emotional toll on a family. I said to my daughters several times as we listened to various speakers at this fundraiser, "this part is over for us, now we have to go through the healing process." As sad as we are without him, the 16 months of his illness was something I don't think I could go through again.

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