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starglobaltribune.com reports of a recent study of the effect of four (unnamed) Chinese herbs that were studied

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in the treatment of Colon and rectal cancer,"when used as a means of reducing the side effects of "... chemo, being "able to restore the intestinal cells which were damaged by the chemotheraphy treatment and they were also found to enhance the activity of Irinotecan........". Not much by way of detail and no mention of specific herbs studied in this article,which will probably get much more media attention......steve

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"An old traditional Chinese medicine is said to reduce the
intestinal side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. This
is done by stimulating gut cell division and reducing
inflammation in the body. The new findings were presented in
Science Translational Medicine, published by the nonprofit
science society AAAS. The chinese medicine Huang Qin Tang
consists of a combination of peonies and a purple flower called
skullcap, together with licorice and fruit from a buckthorn tree.
In China, this herbal medicine has been used for centuries to
treat intestinal disorders such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

This finding was also confirmed recently in a Western-style phase
1/2 trial, which clearly showed that the drug reduced gut damage
caused by chemotherapy in colon and rectal cancer patients. "

Read more here:
Chemotherapy Patients may Benefit from Ancient Chinese Medicine

And here: National Foundation for Cancer Research

Or, you can just GOOGLE !

Better Health!


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pertains to article I cite but yours is much more detailed....Thanks......steve

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Thanks for the links.

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