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Didn't notice the "XX" in front of the "L":

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Since my surgery I've had to buy all new clothes as I can no longer dress as I did. I now wear draw-string pants or elastic banded pants, no more zippers, belts,snaps, buttons,or back pockets for me. Likewise with T shirts: no more tight-fitting Ts to accentuate traps, pecs ,lats and arms, just very loose and very lengthy T-shirts to conceal bag worn outside my pants but beneath T shirt,with enough room for bag to expand as needed.

So I'm in a minisupermarket that I've been shopping at lately and I have some groceries in my left hand and some yogurts balanced on a quart of milk in my right hand and I'm headed toward the checkout area,I'm not near any shelves or bins or anything ,when my damn pants fall to the floor!!!A minisecond later a kid's voice bounces off the walls:"Mommy!! Mommy!!Look-that man's pants fell down.....Look,Mommy!!!!"

Not only did his mother look, I think everyone then in the store, including the butchers from the back, came to have a look

I'm just standing there, my hands full of groceries and no place to put them,, my pants at my ankles (T-shirt concealing everything from four inches above my knees and up), I'm afraid to move cos I might trip, I know my face is reddening, I don't know if I'm gonna laugh or cry when finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a cashier came over with a basket for my items, freeing up my hands so I could squat down and pick up my pants.....I tried to think of something appropriate to yell out but my mind failed me.

When I got home I looked at the label and thats when I noticed the "XXL".....I use "M "mostly,sometimes "L"; never "XXL" (til Today.....but never again)

Of course I can blame this whole incident on chemobrain (and I think I will)......steve

C Dixon
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Bless your heart. Are you laughing yet? I hope so. It's great that you shared this. I think Jimmy Buffet said it best, "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane."

I hope you have a great day today and that you still have those great muscles under the big tshirt!


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I know when things like this happen we dont appreciate the humor in it until much later. Although I have never lost my pants in a store, things like this always make me stop and think "if this is the worst thing to happen to me all day then this is a good day".
Thank you for sharing, it did bring a smile to my face imagining myself standing there in your shoes.

lots of love

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Hi Steve,

I am really sorry this happened to you! Aren't kids great? This truly could have happened to anyone, cancer survivor or not. The fact you are sharing it tells me you are already looking at the funny side. Just think of all the stories that kid can tell!

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I laughed sooooo hard. Thanks Steve


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is in the newspapers!
Jajajajaja (Spanish)

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That would be so awful, but hope that you can see that there was no harm done and you could have just had on really short shorts under that T-shirt. We all have those moments. Glad you noticed the size of your pants - hope you donate those :) Thanks for sharing you're all so real life.


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I am so sorry to be laughing right now, but this is funny!


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Are you sure you weren't participating in a Candid Camera segment?

Send it off to 'Most Embarassing Moments' at Reader's Digest. They might use it!

Bet you are glad you had on a nice long shirt!


Marie who loves kitties

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Kerry S
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You made my day with this one Steve. Know the problem with pants. I wear suspenders with my jeans now.


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should compile the funny stories we see here + write a book - "Funny things that happened to me after I got cancer". There have been some great ones, + I think they really lighten the day for everyone.

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wanted to yell out something like "Come back tomorrow for Part Two" or something like that. Usually hitch up my pants every so often as they do tend to droop but never like this but then again, too big in the first place, never should have bought/worn them.

I'm watching an episode of Law and Order now where a character wants to kill herself because, among other difficulties after being shot, she'd now have to live on dialysis, in a wheelchair, with a colostomy and she couldn't bear to live like that. Of course its only a TV show but all I could think to myself was :"You don't want to live cos you need a colostomy?" Damn,I've had mine since 9/2/09 and I won't live without it now!!!!! And like the rest of you, I hope there's alot more living to do

You can all rest assured I will forever carefully check size labels when buying pants.I generally learn from my mistakes, eventually....steve

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I'm sorry but I am going to check U-Tube anyway.

Take care you made my day, grace under pressure.


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ahhh Steve...i needed that story....sorry to laugh


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Laurel and Hardy meet Santana or
Laurel and Hardy sing Fresh Fish Blues

when I first saw this I was up half the night replaying one after the other. I got most of their stuff on video,plus books. I love Laurel and Hardy

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AT least you really don't wear an xxl which I started as a med and an now a xl. Only cancer person to gain 30 lbs. Thanks for making me laugh not at you.Laura

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Steve, What we survivors won't do for a little more attention...Bless the long T shirts though...If I know ya like I think I do you made the best out of a bad situation. and I am sure that those customers will remember and tell that story for the rest of their lives...That most likely was your 15 secs of fame.....LOL...Keep the Chin up Buddy.....(and the pants)..........Thanks for sharing............Buzz

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I'm so sorry, it must have been so embarrassing, but I hope you can find the fun in it :) Maybe suspenders will help?

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I laughed so hard..thank you for a moment of humor. Sorry you were in that shape, but it now makes me want to make SURE I buy the right size clothes LOL.

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For what its worth, my weight is now what it was prior-178, tho now distributed much differently, with a hellofalot around the belly area; still have neuropathy in toes/feet bottoms yet calluses are starting to bother me again; mouth sores come and go; stress incontinence and other matters I should bring to a urologist's attention; continued difficulty sleeping; cry over stuff I never would have before and probably left out some others tho chemobrain has cleared up considerable, short term memory isn't that good and get out of breath with less exertion than before. Outside of that......I guess I'll continue living my quiet life.......

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Oh how embarrassing for you, but the picture you drew in my mind sure made me chuckle! : )

Thanks for sharing Steve!


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you're the talk at the dinner tables tonight.

What a great story. That would be something that would happen to me! Glad no harm was done.

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Well a great laugh for me, maybe not so for you, but hey if we can't laugh at ourselves....


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Great Legs!

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Wow that must have been weird. I know how you feel, I can't wear any of my old pants. If I did the same thing would happen to me. Oh, thanks for sharing, laughing with you not at you.


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Nana b
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I love it, had I been there I would have picked up your pants! lol

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Sorry Steve but that made me laugh too I think you have won for the funniest cancer story

so far.

thanks for the laugh


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Like Rachel said, i also would've pulled up your pants for you! Although your little story gave me a laugh, i'm taking it quite seriously, and have decided to throw out all my old pants. I was a size XXL, and love some of the clothing i have from that time. Now that i'm just a large, i still try to wear my XXL pants, and they barely sit on my hips. One false move, and i'm sure they'd go down! They're going bye-bye today!


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