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Joined: Oct 2009

I received my order for my cat scan to be done on Dec 1st. But I was at the office three weeks ago and did a port flush. They took a lot of blood.
Now on my cat scan order there is an added test which is called bun creatinine.
I did look it all up it has to do with my kidney's. I have a feeling they found something on my blood tests. And then added this test to my cat scan.
I have been doing pet and cat scans since 04, but never had to do this one before.
Has anyone heard of this before. Curious for sure.
Thanks , hope everything is going well with all.

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Hi Hilde,

It is very common to do a creatinine test before doing a cat scan. It is usually ordered when you are having a ct done with contrast. They are checking to be sure your kidneys can clear out the large amount of contrast. It is nothing to be worried about, it's a nomal test done prior to the ct scan. If your kidneys were not up to par, the Dr would then make a decision about using contrast or doing the ct without. Maybe you never noticed it before, or maybe your ct was done without using contrast. If you are still worried, you can call the people in the scan dept. and have them explain the reason to you.
Also, you said that you always had the pet and ct, were they the combination pet/ct which is done at the same time. If so, then that could be why you did not have the creatinine test. they don't normally use big dose contrast. But a regular ct uses the contrast most of the time.
Hope this helps you feel better and less worried.

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Posts: 229
Joined: Oct 2009

Thank you Lisha it did help me. Because I have never had one of those before. I have had the pet/ct scans also. And also did pet scan alone and then there were the cat scans with contrast. But never a creatinine test before.
Your explanation did help. I really appreciate it much.
Hope you are doing well. For the most part I try not to think about his stuff until it is close enough to get another cat scan.
Well again Thank you

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